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A Prayer for Blessings and Devine Intervention

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Jazzy4Jesus, Aug 14, 2006.

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    I am brand new to your forums... so far this seems to be an awesome Ministry! I'm in need of Blessings and Prayer! I have a BIG court day this Friday Aug 18th.I AM READY "as one can be in a situation like this" for the worst becouse i know I can Do all things Through Christ who strengthens me!! I am hoping for the Best! And thats where your prayers come in. I ask for devine intervention... I should say MORE devine intervention as God has shown Himself tremendousley in my life lately. The Courts want to send me to Prison for not reporting 3 times to my probation. They are trying for two yrs, which means i'd be done in about 8 months. I Pray and ask for your prayers 4 Mercy and Grace from the court system. That God will direct the Judges heart like a course of water as to where He wants it to go. I Pray for local time as opposed to State time and for a lesser sentence.
    But most of all I Pray for Gods will in this and that He be with me where ever I end up!!!

    Lifting you up in prayer.
  3. Hello Jazzy, glad to see you visiting 'talkjesus'

    You are in a mess with the law. You will know that the laws of our countries are made for the benifit of all who dwell therein. You must respond to the requirements of the law.

    We cannot expect God to help us, if we are not prepared to use the resourses that God gives to us whereby we, can help ourselves. Reading your post tells me that you are heading for trouble, due to your own neglect.

    I pray for you even as I write. But really does my prayer have a chance, when you have wilfully neglected to do what the law of the land requires. Whatever happens, I would councel you to be upright in future days, and a blessing to others, and the nation, as a follower of Jesus.

    God Bless you Brother
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    To whom it may concern and Stephen... Thank You....

    Stephen, Thank you for responding to my prayer request. I would like you to know that yes there are concequences for sin. I'd also like you to know that when we confess our sin He is willing and Just to forgive us[/B]. Having repented I know I am coverd with Jesus' blood. There still may be concequeces for my sin from a legal standpoint and as i stated i am ready as one can be to accept them. God can and does often show favor to his children and thats what my hope is in this situation. The Word says we have not becouse we ask not.[/U] Just Like a parent of a disobediant child we must correct and even punish or children. Often times in The Bible, In my Life and in countless many others I've seen in my Ministry when true repentence happens often times the punishment is wiped away completely or is much less severe.
    Reguardless of my pusishment I am reday to face it head on with the solace that i have repented and that Jesus has come along side me in this. Praise Be to God that i am restored into fellowship with Him and His Kingdom Through His Son Christ Jesus!!! Bless You Brother In Christ! Sincerely Delvon

  5. Hello Brother, Reading your post I can see that you are aware of the scriptures, and are accustomed, saved 1975, to following Jesus. However did you allow this to overtake you?

    You will know the answer, and will be able to make the correction needed to put such behind you and become a successful man in this life. Naturally and Spiritually.

    I am praying for you dear brother Delvon

    God Bless You

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