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A powerful weapon for unity

Unities most powerful weapon!!
Hello brothers and sisters in Christ! I want to share something with everyone about something and hopefully it will bless you as much as it has me.
I want to tell you how forgiveness is a mighty weapon for unity
In the Body of Christ. The devil loves to destroy unity because if he can sever us from each other then he can easily weaken our faith! We all need each other so we can operate in the spiritual world and fight the enemy! The devil loves planting them little bad weeds along the way to stump the body from being able to strengthen and grow . He plants strife, malice anger un forgiveness in our hearts towards one and another. He doesn’t want you to pray for each other or love one another because if we walk in unity together he cant destroy the work of the Lord in us.
How many times have you felt burdened down by a brother or sister in Christ and you walk away heavy hearted. All though you may feel your right and truly might be what would God have us to do? I can tell you one thing he wouldn’t have us to stand around back biting and filled with anger he would want us to settle our differences and forgive the wrong on both
Behalves .
Think of this for a moment . What if you were the only one that could pray for that individual or what if you were the only one who could witness to them by your actions and response to what ever the situation may be ?
We all need one another to perform what God has called us to do. A church can not stand with out Unity ! We have to be as one in all things ! Its our strength ! Forgiveness is a key to it! So lets lock that door with the key of forgiveness so we can operate as one and destroy any attack the devil has tried .
No matter the cost ! No matter if your wrong or right forgive and love pray and walk in faith Let the Lord show us all what we need to change in us ! And remember Jesus forgave and died for our sins and only through him can we truly receive true Salvation . See if it wasn’t for forgiveness where would we be? That’s scary if you think about it but very true God bless you all and I pray I didn’t offend any of you !
Your sister in Christ forever
Hi foreverwjesus

This is a very good post. I agree with you wholeheartedly!!

God bless you,
Thanks Forever . :love: Remember the vision ? I see all things are finished and the snakes and ropes have blown away . God is Great and Jesus Christ is Lord over all things . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Thank you for your responces Unity in the body of Christ is so important ! and Forgiveness is such an important factor to unity . I just hope this ministers to all of us we need eachother so much God bless you all