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A possible cause for backsliding?

Yes, I've been studying some of the lessons at Christian Courses listed on the home page of Talk Jesus. I admit, that's where I got the idea for this thread. I thought it would be interesting to discuss the topic here.

The course I am currently studying suggests that even genuine Christians can become disappointed or even angry with God. They continue believing on Him, but they backslide as a result of their disillusionment. There are examples of this throughout the Bible.

(Genesis) Abraham and Sarah were told by God that they would be blessed with many children. Yet at age 85, they still had none. Abraham and Sarah were impatient and disappointed with God's plan for them, so Sarah offered Hagar, her servant, to her husband, Abraham, as a concubine and she bore him a son, Ishmael. A year later, God blessed Abraham and Sarah with a second son, Isaac.

(Exodus) When Moses was leading the Israelites out of Egypt's bondage, through the wilderness and into Canaan, they bemoaned the discomfort of their travels and wanted to turn back. They were so angry with God that they were willing to return to their oppressors.

I've given what I hope is thoughtful consideration to some of the reasons why a Christian might become disillusioned about how their relationship with God "should" be. Often those spreading the Good Word and winning new souls are at a much more advanced level in their spiritual walk than those who are new Christians. These "novices" are often disillusioned by testimonials of healing and outward expressions of joy and spiritual satisfaction. When these "newborns" don't experience immediate spiritual gratification, as they believe they've witnessed in their teachers and leaders, by having their every prayer answered or experiencing divine protection from any sort of tragedy, they are, perhaps, disappointed in what they were essentially taught of Christianity and thus, lose their zeal for it; eventually backsliding.

I don't dare pretend to offer any sort of advice to progressed Christians. Nor would I EVER suggest any sort of decrease in witnessing with your whole heart and displaying every ounce of joy the good Lord has set in you. My only interest is in discussing whether this is a logical conclusion and what can be done to help those who are not so advanced in their understanding of Christianity. Perhaps a discussion on this topic would help prevent some backsliding. And perhaps it won't.

:thumbs_up or :thumbs_do ?
Please, feel free to criticize. I do not wear my heart :love: on my sleeve.

GBU all!

Amen! :love:
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God bless you sister. Another reason for back sliding is that after GOD pours and rains blessings on the believer, He will also test them through trials. When they see things going wrong, they get discouraged and sometimes angry at GOD. They get disillusioned as you said also.
Hi Amen, this is an interesting topic. I was reading it & it came to my mind that we backslide sometimes because we put God on a pedestal instead of the Throne. We become complacent & begin to view Him as a god to serve our needs rather than Who He is. One could argue that if we have that view, we were probably never really saved to begin with. That's possible, but I know that scripture tells us to guard our hearts against many things & complacency is a strong dart the enemy throws to God's own.
backsliding away

i think you are right sapphire that i read today people should count the cost before they build a tower it said and if they do that with god too then they would not treat him like he has to make them happy all the time or they will go like
'oh i feel so bad i have no money or stuff'
luke 14verse28 and onwards it says also if you dont give up everything you cannot be my disciple.

so if someone had given up everything they wouldnt be expecting nuthin i guess.

so if you counted the cost before then you would know what the christian life is all about and not be unhappy when you did it and then not go away from the bible and what it says to do.