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A Poor Rich Church

:rose: Please pray for the Calvary Pentecostal Church, here in Port Hope, Canada. With limited funds they have moved in to an ex gambling house, (a bingo hall) and are trying to redo it, into a church of God.
I am just new to this church, but I promise you, the folks that attend are meek and humble and full of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. The goal for this church, is to add to it's fellowship with new members. Please pray to the Lord our God, for people to flock to the house of the Lord.
Special blessings to Pastor Jon Foster and his family. May everyone reap in the harvest, given to us through the word. May the word be spoken freely through the Holy Spirit and given to us, through true ministers, like Pastor Jon Foster. Jesus please bless those of us, who revere the Lord. amen :rose: Please also pray to help them in their financial need, as they are a very small fellowship. :rose:
Be blessed in The LORD !

God bless you :girl: , I have prayed for The LORD to do what you have asked, to bring greater glory to Him - keep the faith ! :thumbs_up :)
Dear sister,

I am so glad you have found a new community of peace and fellowship in the Lord. God will provide all of the needs you describe. We praise and thank God for Pastor Fosters inspirational leadership. Lord hear the prayers of your humble servant that our sistera and her community will recive your gracious blessing.Amen.
Dear Pastor Jon Foster
It was so nice of talking to you and I am praying that the Lord may change your financial situation in your church and He shall enlarge your territory in a way that more souls would come to the Lord through your prayers and sharing the Word.
This year you would see great harvest that you had never seen before
God bless you and your family and congregation
Ps.138:last verse
He shall perform everything for me
senior pastor
Praying for your church and pastor!!!!! I live in Texas and attend a small Pentecostal church. God bless.
Sister Emily
Praise God that we all can pray for him and his church to see come up with great way.
Also you can pray for our church in North India and day care center for poor children to be fed and to be supported for their other educational tools
Praise God

Praying for your church and pastor!!!!! I live in Texas and attend a small Pentecostal church. God bless.

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