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A Poet

A poet,like a goblet
is saucer to contain
the droplets of ideas
mixing it with humour
the taste of omletes s/he gives

A poet, s/he gathers from
straws to braw
words ,s/he spins like yarn
tailored like tapestry
self in embodiment

A mirror at which you pose
your finest details ingrained
in the thickets of his/her ingenuity
A skillful potter s/her is

All powers of creation s/he adorns
his hand ,the greatest tool
his head, the unfathomable vale
Deeper than a void chasm
where forth exudes charisma

Thus , i look up to the heavens
in utter curiosity
to hear from the one,
whose countanance i relish
who amazes me with her genius
a poet, s/he is .
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