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a poem

My secret place.
there is a place,
a secret place,
so far away,
yet closer than ever...

I awake on a vast desert of glorious golden beach.
I am still and silent as i lie there and let the warm ocean drift through my hair and embrace my motionless body.

I wish to lie like this for eternity, yet my soul is being called to rise by the voiceless winds.

As i arise, i notice i am draped in a long, beautiful white gown.
I feel a heavy presence upon me, yet the dress is as light as a feather.

As i stroll, i am beheld by its wonder, as it flows accross me.
I am so lost inside its beauty, that i cannot even tell where it begins and i end.
Its as if i have been dressed by legions of angels.

I find myself floating into a thick forest of enchantment, in which every tree has a face.
They all seem to sing to me as i pass through,wonderful songs of peace and loveliness.

I am now met with a vast masterpiece,
acres of gardens full with every kind of flower imaginable, and at my feet lies a long narrow pathway.
My eyes follow its ground, until they fall upon a magnificent castle, as large and as glorious as the world itself.
Mystery compels me towards its gates, my mind concealed in a trance.
Its so secret and mysterious, but someone inside feels more at home here than anywhere. Maybe thats where the mystery lies.

As i finally approach its gates, i am filled with an unimaginable awe for its keeper, that i almost turn and flee, until i hear a still small voice whisper "Knock and the door will open, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find me"
and as i tremble through the gates, i lift my head to find the most hidden, yet awesome treasure of them all;

I now stand before him.
My soul is complete.
My eyes are captured.
My body is bound,
and my mouth is sealed,
but my heart has found what it's been searching for.
In my secret place