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A poem for my brother I wanted to share with you all

For Our Lovely Brother Max!
As we look back at the past, we remember all the fun we had.
Not only with the good things, but also with the bad.
We did many stupid things that we maybe should regret,
But through those things we did have fun and never will forget.
Back in the days, we maybe fought and didn’t get along,
But through those times, it brought us close, and we found our rights and wrongs.
You learned to drive, and finished school, and take us anywhere
Where we would want, where we would need, you’ll always drive us there.
When we need help, we come to you, and you try to help us out.
You give us guidance and support, and we take it without doubt.
You were once gone from God’s right path and people prayed for you,
Now that you’re back, you bring back others and pray for them, you do.
We love you Max, more than you think, but cannot always show it,
But now time came, we’re telling you, so you will always know it.
You’re 18 now and all grown up, and soon you will be gone,
But we never shall forget all the things that you have done.

Thanks for everything, God Bless You!!
Staff Member
Excellent poem, very thoughtful and loving :)

God bless
thats really good...I loved reading it...
very,very nice!!
thanks for sharing it...
Bod bless you...Kara
He must be a special brother and I'm glad God lead him back to where he needed to be. Even though he is now a grown young man and may be leaving he will always be close in your heart. Be blessed

Your sister in Christ
AlabasterBox :girl:

Yes, Max is really special. He's so awesome. We have Bible discussions and he's just so sweet, always there when you have a problem. many times he knows when something is wrong and has time to listen and give advice. Max is really awesome:), but God so much more :), amen!