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A poem about the body, as it has applied to me.

I have no friends at church,
and I see that as a good thing.

I have no friends at church,
and I see that as a good thing.

Its not for lack of trying
Its not that you don’t care,
I believe divine providence has caused this whole affair.

I’m not saying that
I don’t need you to survive
Because without you all I know my soul would not survive.

I’m not saying
God did not place me here
For all these years.
But that I’m not part of you outside of church
In that way I'm not held dear.

It's not for lack of trying
It's not that you don’t care
Not for lack of attempts to include me when I sit way over there.

I’m not saying I don’t have confidants,
That I lack for mentors and teachers,
But when it comes to having sisters to run with
I’m sitting in the bleachers.

Just like in my own family.

Just like in my own family,
If I tried to be like you,
I would die to my created functions,
Like the death yawl helped bring me through.

So with contentment I travel,
Follow along the way,
Knowing, while you do love me,
You can’t care for my day to day.

And that’s a good thing.

It’s a good thing that
I leave after church,
And go see my friends.
Those who,
For the moment,
Love me without end.

God chose them for me,
This is why I am okay,
When I perceive that I annoy you all
In the day to day.

They invite me over,
Because my face they want to see,
But after rehearsals over
Yawl are basically done with me

And that’s ok

Christ is more than just an assembly
He is more than just a few,
Which is why he said, for friendships,
That assembly just won't do!

So he brought me to some places.
Even some from my past,
Here are some for this season,
And here’s one or two that will last.

Christ is more than just an assembly,
He is more than just a few,
And to show me this,
for friendships,
He saw fit to include you.

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