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A peom by created

I wrote this over the summer,im not a pro poet but after this summer I found a part of me i didnt know i had and now i've been writing more and only about God and the things he does in my life. Tell me what you think?

I try to live like failure is not a option,
But when i did it was hard to get up,
I try to get along with others buty i feel alientated and an anoyance,
Right when i feel that acceptance is within reach,
I am dissapointed,
When i speek snobody listens and then turn their attention mid-sentence,
Am i just a scapegoat for other peoples insecurites?
Wh7y must i constantly reach for control of something im never ment to control?
Living everyday afraid of failure,
If i fall others will too.

Why do i place thesse burdens on myself?
Why cnat i just let the world to its own problems.
Why do i feel the need to find my self-worth in other people?
why must i care so much?
Poor Atlas how did he cope?
Did he volunteer to carry such a weight?
Ignorant we think we're stronger than we are.
Afraid passing the yoke to the only one ment to carry it will topple this house of cards the world seems to me.

But im learning we are ment to fall,
Of the house doesnt collapse we can never rebuild it and we never know who we really are.
If the foundationis unstable i cant hold it up and i labor in vain.
So maybe im not really living if i avoid life to avoid the worst case senerio.
Life i a mine feild, i have to stop pacing the rim because if i dont and never step in i'll never get across.
I cant keep energy potental because so much as a spark can create the kinetic and is the s[ark i cant control.
Even if the bad possibilities outweight the good,
I'll end up missing the good and never know.

-Dedicated to my best friend lindsay who helped teach me that "If you never run into the how do you know its hard"
Very good poem. 11 Cornithians chapter 12 verse 9 - My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strenigth is made perfect in weakness.
God bless
Your sister in Christ Jesus