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A newby friend is searching for answers

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Hi there ya all,

A friend has alot of questions he wants to discuss, I have highlighted his questions in red.

Please can ya all jump in here, he would love to hear from you, will let you know when he registers and under what name so ya can all continue with him. Thanks friends. AND please I am no scholar, alot of my answers ARE my OWN conclusions and beliefs based on my understanding of the Word, that is WHY i have brought this friend over here to TALK JESUS so that ya all can help him and me too.

but as always i too am open to learning deeper truths. However there are some i will not budge on, they are settled matters.

Hi Paul,

Dont worry, ALOT of my beliefs have been blown right outa the water too! heehee and i have learnt things that just dont gel with what alot of pastors are preaching, i dont want to sit in church and be critical, so WHEN I DO GO i try to do what one is supposed to ANYWAY...just keep your focus on the Lord...it is His special time afterall. But then again, EVERYDAY is His special time, right.

Is the sabbath day spoken of in the Word on saturday, sunday, another day or does it matter?....

From what i see, the sabbath is definately on a SATURDAY. and i beleive we should set A day aside in the week that is consecrated unto the Lord, where it's just all about Him. I dont necessarily think that we HAVE TO be rigidly religeous in making the SABBATH (Saturday)that day, (nor the Sunday) BUT the word says we should be in unity (for so many good and powerful reasons)so as a group i believe that we can agree on that day and get to it. Yet i do believe we aught to be as biblical as possible WITHOUT being a religeous nut and bringing condemnation if we dont get together on a Saturday.

Personally i would LOVE my family to be in agreement and set the Saturday aside from sunset the Friday night to sunset the saturday evening and especially PLAN games, topics, songs, movies (christian of course) and purposefully set aside that time unto God. I believe we have awesome freedom in Christ but should have enough wisdom not use that freedom as an excuse for laziness.

Are we 2 keep the Feasts of YHWH yet today? (see Lev. chap. 23)

I believe that as Christians it is important to KNOW WHAT they are about and WHY they were done. I mean the WHOLE of the OT points to Jesus anyway, from the beginning it pointed to the new and better covenant that God had in mind in the first place. Every ritual and ceremony that was done, to style of clothing, the color of the clothing even the 'positioning' of an artifact was a pointer, reminder and proof that Christ was coming.

Paul takes the pressure off of us to HAVE TO OBSERVE ANY feasts or holidays, but we MUST still KNOW our heritage, our history, for if it wasnt for any of that, we wouldnt be where we are today. The ONLY reason the gentiles came in was because the Jews (well, alot of them) rejected the Messiah. The Word says we gentiles have been given life because the Jews chose death, IMAGINE what we will get when they all turn around and acccept LIFE and TRUTH!!! I am not too biblically knowledgeable, i am by no means a studied scholar, BUT Jesus Himself said to remember Him by the wine and bread ceremony. And Whatever Jesus says to do....we do, right.

I too asked this question the other day... are we not supposed to then do the WHOLE supper feast? I guess that is part of the freedom, we can choose to do the whole shebang or not, as long as we do the wine and bread in rememberance. You can help me here...does the word speak about remembering/celebrating the crucifixion and resurrection days? That is something i think we SHOULD do, i suppose that ties in with the wine and bread fully then. i mean we have to pass it on to our children, I believe they MUST KNOW the story from the beginning till now. Yet nowhere in the Word does it tell us to honor Jesus' birthday, that i know was a mere mortal man's birthday, was it Constantinople? and then some Emperor or dude wanted to get more favor from the christians and easier 'management' of the masses decided to make it Christs' birthday. so with that knowledge WE CANCELLED CHRISTMAS...Yeeeehaaaa boy do we save on money!!

Plus "santa clause' is a proto anti-christ, and people are 'worshipping' him unawares..(along with St.Valentine, that lil boy with wings is no angel, if you have studied greek mythology you will see, the brat had ANOTHER set of arrows that were actually tipped with 'hatred and death' PLUS his own mother, think she was Isis, was jealous of him because he received more worship and sacrifices than her in his temple BECAUSE he was also an overseer of Hell!! its all there in their greek story books they so diligently recorded. and here we go hopping around so ignorantly on valentines day passing around pics of the little snothead!!! and dont get me going on the easter bunny!!!! well you can if you want in another post.

You sure chose a loooooong winded gal to speak to Paul...hahaha, at least you can trash those complaints no one's answering you properly now, even if its not 100% correct..LOL LOL
PLUS the scriptures prove Christ was born round September October time!!

Is the rapture pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib?

I was once pre-trib, then i turned, mid-trib, than post-trib, now i'm like ANY TIME WILL DO, just come Lord Jesus come.
Ok, so i'll share what changed my gears. For pre-trib i heard some amazing sort of proof that it could very well be. My hopes are NOT pinned on it tho (as they once were)..heehee Perry Stone spks about when Mary 1st saw Christ near the tomb in the garden and He said, dont touch me, i have not gone to the father yet. and then a wee bit later He lets Thomas stick Him one in the side, like right in!! So Jesus had obviously GONE and come back from heaven. This is supposed to tie in that there very could well be a 'secret rapturing'. BUT then in Mathew 24 or 25 Christ speaks about how christians MUST be strong and of great corouage (im shakin in my boots already)funny when someone says, dont be afraid...we do it..or dont worry..we worry!! HUH!! our minds are too tricky dont ya think, so unreliable!! I mean they just DONT do what they told WHEN they told and what does our mind do.. the opposite....so rebellious man!! heehee, anyway, with the way Jesus is talking in Mathew to me it looks like christians are going to encounter much hardship, persecution and death before going anywhere!

And then there are scriptures that refer to Jesus only coming again AFTER the last 7 years of tribulation. Personally I believe that one could get so wrapped up in semantics that dont really affect our salvation, so i DONT KNOW and DO NOT have an opinion on WHEN the rapture will happen, i concentrate more on the knowledge that it DEFINATELY WILL happen though and if we have to go through the tribulation i would rather be prepared for that than being surprised by it. (i mean how well can one prepare for torture or death anyway!) just STAY as close to God as possible NOW and DAILY, infact HOURLY right.

Are we still under God's law or free from it?
I was heard and totally swallowed this truth...the law was only a shadow of the real thing right, so imagine i am waiting for you on a street corner, i recognize your footsteps and anticipate your prescence, then i see you shadow coming before you around that corner and again i RECOGNIZE, hey its Paul, i could start speaking to you already because i KNOW you are within earshot, but WHEN YOU APPEAR, i no longer look at your shadow but rather look into your eyes and enjoy the fellowship with YOU IN PERSON!

So the OT was a shadow of Christ and now that He has been revealed our fellowship is with Him. Besides ALL the law and prophets and OT is now made complete IN HIM, so if we have HIM, we have it all.

Why did Yeshua (Jesus) cry out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" when He was on the cross?
I can only fathom because it was the reality of the situation, God being God HAD TO TURN HIS FACE FROM SIN, sin goes combust in the presence of God, it CANNOT stay in the light.

So i would think, that as Christ was bearing the FULL SINS of the World from the beginning of time to the very last second...God as He says in His Word, I have turned my face from you, but only for a little while...had to turn His face, as sin seperates us from Him, and He was seperated from Christ because of that sin, tho only for a moment, but because of repentant hearts and confession of sin (ALL thanks to God for even being ABLE to do that in the first place)He is FAITHFUL and forgives and cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness...sorry that may not be much of an answer but that IS A DEEP ONE...I too have much to learn.

Eloi, Eloi, lama sabach tini...i love the sound of those Hebrew words, i once (or twice) did a play on that.

God bless you brother Paul, welcome to Talk Jesus, I just know you will blessed beyond measure with this site. :wink:

Best regards
beam :shade:
Your friend has a lot of questions that are guaranteed to get a slew of different answers and opinions. :)
My quick answer- grow in your relationship with God and the study of His Word- reach out to the lost and the hurting- express His love to all around you in words and deeds and it simply will not matter what day you worship, when He takes us home etc.
Many blessings in His wonderful Name,
your brother Larry.

Is the sabbath day spoken of in the Word on saturday, sunday, another day or does it matter?...
Are we 2 keep the Feasts of YHWH yet today? (see Lev. chap. 23)
Is the rapture pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib?
Are we still under God's law or free from it?
Why did Yeshua (Jesus) cry out "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" when He was on the cross?