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A Morning and Evening Prayer by Alan McDougall

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[COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]
An evening prayer by Alan McDougall

Thank you Great Father for the day
And the health which gave us strength to play
For quite enough to eat and drink
For work which gave we need to think
May our thoughts be kind and true?
Good thoughts acceptable to you
May each task we do each day
Be done in just your perfect way
May we spread your joy and love about
Both indoors and out
Thank you mighty one for the lovely day
Oh! Great, Infinite and Eternal God of we pray

By Alan McDougall

© Copyright Alan Grant McDougall 1/9/2013

A Morning Prayer To God For Him To Bless The Day

[COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]A Morning Prayer by Alan McDougall 8/5/2012[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]Last night we dreamt about a most beautiful place[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Infinities of eternal void of infinite space[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Some call it heaven where you dwell[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Really it is just your love bringing down this perfect spell[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]We awoke at early dawn to see[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Each body began to filled with new life to be[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]And we thank you for an expected day without strife[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]All the beauty of the infinite sea[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]At early dawn of a new day we all prayed[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]For this eternal day that only you made[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]We awoke this morning full of joy and faith[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Because last night we dreamt about a most beautiful place[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Far from this worlds rush and madding pace[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]Oh! Father, Lord and beautiful God of love[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]You give us hope to praise to you above[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]In sweet content out of a night of joyful sleep[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]We know that because of you today we need no longer weep[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]In thankful joy we awoke full of life and health[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Now by this we all know real true eternal wealth[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]We rose and went outside and saw the last star[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Just a hands reach and not really far[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]A brief moment before the golden sun began to rise high[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]The bluest colour began to fill the sky[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Thankful wonder for all of us with security and his peace on high[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Deep within each hearts we knew we all get by[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]Such wonder at your world of beauty we yawned[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]In the crisp light of early dawned[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Counting the nights and yesterdays many blessings[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]We go outside with deep and awed singings[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]In this sublime sweet moment of morning dew[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Each crisp breath we thankfully know comes from you[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]Already internal infinite a little like you[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]All take hands now and in this moment sublime grace[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]We live in peace and glorious magnificent timeless place[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]By Alan McDougall 22/5/2009[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]© Copyright Alan Grant McDougall 1/9/2013[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9365b8]Folk if you like them see below[/COLOR]
[COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#9365b8]You can copy and paste these Poems just give me due credit for writing both of them[/COLOR]

[COLOR=rgb(147, 101, 184)]

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