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A Moment to Think (part 2)

Proverbs 4:26) Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.

To I In the Hebrew, the word path means track or rut in which the wheels revolve. God has called us, who are liberated in Christ Jesus, unto good stewardship. In life one truth that is extremely important to bear in mind is that our choices are far from being in a vacuum. A plan can contain multiple steps that must be completed. Have we taken time to make sure that the steps within our strategy are sound? Does our plan need revision? Have we lifted up our voice to God, casting our care upon him, asking if there are crucial details that we have missed or possible red flags that warn us to halt proceeding with our current strategy? Taking time to inquire about the quality of our path is critical in our walk with the Lord, especially for those big goals we have in mind.

Proverbs 4:7 says that “wisdom is the principle thing; there get wisdom and with all they getting get understanding.” What are the implications and facts that stand behind each possible course of action and how will we be affected? For example, suppose that you wanted to go to receive a degree from college. The degree choice would, if not interrupted, lead to minimally around two years worth of courses. Business majors would have a core focus on business classes. Computer programming majors would have courses primarily zeroing in computer skills. Such paths and oneself, the path taker, should be examined. Does the degree suit your desires for career goals? Are you passionate about the major? Can you look at the course descriptions and the HARD WORK that it would take to be excellent in that field and still be willing to absorb the cost? Is there a better major that utilizes your talents and preferences? Once we start attending each school semester, monitoring our feelings, thoughts, and values, taking time to still consider the previous questions; for we might see the need to switch to a different major after a semester or two. It is always important to think about the path while we are traveling on and not just beforehand; for in doing so the necessity of change comes to light. While we can redeem our present time and our future time on this earth, we can never get back the time that we have lost traveling down wrong roads. Let us reflect on our current paths where need be, asking God if any part of our lives need to be reevaluated and approached differently. He is faithful to show us.

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