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A marine family needs prayer

Today in Iraq, a young man by the name of Rusty was killed due to a car bomb, and he is from the next county of where I live, he had just turned 21, 5 days ago, and he had 2 young children.. and a young wife, Please pray for him and his family, so that they can get through something of this kind of tragedy.. He also had 2 other brothers serving our country.. Thank you God Bless..
This is so sad and tragic, it saddens my heart. Please Send someone their way to help them Lord Jesus. Let Rusty's family know that they can lean on You for comfort during this tragic time. Protect these children Jesus. Thank you Lord for hearing this family's cries, comfort them and ease their pain. Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers.

In Christ:love:
Amen, calluna! Lord I come in agreement with my sister asking you to please send the Comforter to this family in their time of need and that by your mercy and grace, salvation may be had thru this tragedy! In Jesus' name...AMEN!
Also, Lord, we pray for an angelic hedge of protection around Rusty's 2 brothers also serving. We ask for provision and peace for Rusty's wife a d small children! In Jesus' name...AMEN!
Dear Heavenly Father,
Please be with Rusty's family now as they suffer from the loss of thier father please give them comfort in this hard time and for all of the men who have been lost there please be with their families.
In Christ's holy name I pray, Amen.
Lord, I pray for all our troops, and their families, not only the ones that have given their lives, but those that have also been injured.

Lord help this family as they go through the next few days, weeks and months that they may draw their strength from you. And bring his 2 brother home, whole Lord, as not to bring this family more than they can bear.

In Jesus name, Amen
Ah! suseva: I will pray as well, my oldest is in OCS for the Marines and believes it's his calling. No matter how we prepare for the worst we must still live through it. I will hold this family up to the throne, there is help there.

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