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A lot of Christians do not know the Difference in, a Bible, a translation, kinds of Paraphrases, & Original Copied Manuscripts.

And it is sad, with all the technology we have in the world today. And many christian use this technology, just like many use grace like "Dietrich Bonhoeffer' describes 'cheap grace' in HIs book, ( "Nachfolge" [the act of Following") := "The Cost of Discipleship". And verses numbers and chapters numbers are not the "Word of GOD". Learn the Word of GOD as stories being told. If you remember the stories, you will remember the reasons and they all will be tied together as a whole.

Note: Every : "True Child of God" Living in the 20th and the 21st. century should have read at least these three books, if they could have afforded them,

1. a very Good Translation of "The Original Copied Manuscript" of the :Holy Scriptures" [ Canon of Scripture]. (KJV Oxford, ASV, RSV, NASV, NIV 70's early 80's copyright.) Reference Bibles are better. and beware of the "footnotes' Know your Bible 1st then you can observed the "footnotes' with proper care.
2. "Pilgrim Progress" by John Bunyan.
3. "The Cost of Discipleship" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.