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A lot of Christians are afraid of Dying & they are afraid of hearing The True Gospel of Jesus Christ because of Their sinful ways

Yes they are, They are Afraid of GOD, and they are afraid of The TRUTH, They are so scared, they are afraid to confess their evil ways, and shaking so hard they cannot "Repent" and they are running away from messages they need to run Too. And they get mad when you show "The Light of The Gospel of Jesus Christ" on them and it points out their sins in order for them to "REPENT" they start puffing smoke. Not knowing that is what the "Good news" does. Yes they are scared of dying:eyes: Just think, if you are going to GLORY and only one way in this day and age to get there. How come you ain't happy? Are you sure, that you have made peace with GOD! Or you just gave the preacher your hand and repeated what he said? Now you think, very hard.....And I am talking to you too Granny with your sweet self. Yeh you, you remember. "stolen waters are sweet":eyes: these things i am posting will help you out! Bring things to the light. Jesus died to save sinners!

Douay-Rheims Bible
He that hideth his sins, shall not prosper: but he that shall confess, and forsake them, shall obtain mercy. :eyes:

Walking around here looking "Holy" do not mean it is "HOLY":eyes: If you are a sinner claim it, let everyone know you need grace and mercy too! Let people know Grandma have not always been squeaky clean, They use to say "we all got Skeletons in our closets" and I might have few left. pray for me:eyes:

Now see , a lot of christians is not going to like that. But let some: say "AMEN":eyes: because it is getting too late in the day, and I need another "Witness" female preferred.:eyes:
Careful there, a Young Lady, a guitar and and a stage was the usual formula for another bout with my favored sins. A beautiful young lady and a fresh bottle of Wild Turkey never failed to drive a few more nails into the lid of my coffin. And now that I live and teach Scripture to the best of my ability, thousands of people labeling themselves "Christian" want to cut my throat and to dry my hide, nailed to their shed, out back. And remember Dan.10-12 and The Revelation of Yashua ha'Mashiah, the time for the seclusion and extermination of the True Follower is just one more closed door away.

It is a Rhetorical Question each of us must stand and die or fold and die that Second Death that places the Lost Man into the Lake of Fire, forever.
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