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A look at Isaiah 55:6-56:8 and John 18-19

ISAIAH 55:6-56:8

“Seek YHVH while he may be found, call upon him while he is near” But we ask ourselves, is there a time when he can NOT be found? Or when he is NOT near? One answer would be “at the time of death” if a person has not reconciled himself or herself with God through Yeshua, if a person dies lost and in the state of sin, then, YHVH will NOT be able to be found, and HE will be forever FAR AWAY. This is not and never has been his perfect will for mankind. Yet man has a choice, if he chooses to reject the purest love of God, then, what else can God do, but to separate such a "man" from his holy presence for all eternity!

A second answer would be this. When we are living in a state of sin, or out of fellowship because of sin in our lives, it will seem that God is far from us. In reality, HE is as near as prayer and repentance. He can be “found” again. It isn’t that HE is away from us, rather WE are away from HIM.

“Let him return unto YHVH” (vs 7) The word for “return” is “Shoov” or “Teshuvah” which is what the High Holy days are all about. The sinner should forsake his evil ways and “return” to Adonai. Just like the prodigal son returned to his father, we should return to OUR heavenly father. Remember that the prodigal son WAS A MEMBER OF HIS FATHER’S FAMILY! He was not an outsider. That should tell us something.

During these days of "Awe" culminating with Yom Kippur on the 16th of this month, it is important to ask ourselves, "where Am I?" in our own relationship with Adonai. "Am I as close as I can be?" "Is there unconfessed sin in my life? " if there is, then, it is time for confession and returning to our first love, the One who loved us first. Remember that the most sacred name of God (YHVH) reveals the covenant He made with us; "Behold the hand, behold the nail" or "The hands and the nails revealed" what more could He do? He did it ALL.

56:1 “Thus saith YHVH, keep judgment and do justice, for my YESHUAH is near to come and my righteousness to be revealed. Interesting verse, the Hebrew “Mishpat (judgment) is keeping his commandments and understanding discernment in what we do. The word “justice” in Hebrew in this verse is translated as “Tzedakah” which is also giving charity. “Righteousness” is translated as “Kadosh” which is also “Holiness” so, the prophet foresees the coming of Yeshua as YHVH’s “righteousness” to be revealed to all mankind.

He has already come and will come again. Are you ready for his second coming?

JOHN 18:1-19:42

“After Yeshua had said all this…” but what is “all this?” He had just prayed for his disciples, his followers if you read all of chapter 17, it shows how Yeshua prayed for all those who came to trust in him, he prayed for their protection against HaSatan, he also states; “those who WILL trust in me because of THEIR word that they may all be ONE (Echad), He is talking about you and me, we are all ONE in the body of Messiah.

I think that “Y’hudah Ish Kariot” (Judas Iscariot) missed the greatest opportunity to be one of Yeshua’s disciples. Yes, he was “With” Yeshua but was not “part” of Yeshua. He was just along for the ride, didn’t learn very much (it seems).

When the soldiers and temple guards said, “we are looking for Yeshua” and Yeshua answered the word of God says that they “all fell backward”. Some believe that Yeshua answered with the infallible name of YHVH.

Yet in the Hebrew New Testament, the words that Yeshua said were; “Yeshua Ani” (I am Yeshua), it does not mention the infallible name, yet even the name “Yeshua” has power in itself. In the paleo-Hebrew, the letters in the name "Yeshua" are "Yod" "Sheen" "Vav" "Ayin" One way we can look at this name is: "The hands of the all-consuming fire received the nails, and sees all things" He sees the past, present, and the future, and sees who will come to Him and who will reject him.

Even though they came and took him roughly, and Kefa took matters into his own hands by cutting off Malchus’ ear, even then, Yeshua rebuked his own disciple and healed Malchus! Even at that time, he showed love and mercy.

The world accuses the Jews of “killing Jesus!” when the truth of the matter is that no one took his life, he offered it up willingly as part of the Father’s perfect plan of redemption. It was just a handful of religious zealots who captured him, and the Romans hammered in the nails, yet it was really our sins that caused his death, his death for our life, life eternal

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