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a little testimony

Hello,My brothers and sisters in christ.I need to tell you a little about myself I was just released from prison and in thereI found my savior. I did not see any hope for me and to tell you the truth I was about to give up on myself.I didnt care about myself or my family and I despised christians.Befor I found christ I was very deep into drugs and alcohol.I felt that I was let down by God and that my life was like some pratical joke.I was burning with rage and the Bible was (to me) just another book.But I seen other people in prison with with joy in theirhearts while I was locked up,and they were looking at major time,and I decided that I wanted what they have.When I truly opened my heart and gave God a truly repentance confession his mercy came to me.See the problem was not getting out of prison but staying out.Now I live my life by the code of the bible.Each day I try to stay between the line of God's will. I stopped trying to exchange the love and righteousness of God for a lie.I would go around and tell people that it was ok to do drugs because it all came from God.Levt 10-10 states we need to make a distinction from the Holy and the common,between the clean and the unclean.and that is exactly how each day I live is spent.Thank you Jesus.My God and savior.And I love each and everyone of you.
Welcome to our fellowship Percy! We are all sinners saved by grace, hope you feel at home here :)

Rom 5:20 But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:
Wow...thanks for sharing Percy...I really hope everything goes well for you in your new life