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A Little Girl's Song

The blackness of night
The darkness of twilight
When all is asleep
The sun and the moon
The stars are no where to be seen
The clouds are out
Covering the lights
And then, in the distance
Far off from me
A single candle burns
Illuminating the dark
It glows over everything
Through the black of night
A voice like an angel
Comes through the silence
The voice rings soft and clear
Over all the land
And I can hear the voice singing
It sings "Bring us peace"
To the heavens
The candle is held by a little girl's hand
Her voice sings out "Bring us peace"
The girl looks to the heavens as she stands and sings her song
"Bring us peace" rings louder as more people join
Young and old
All colors, all shapes, and all sizes
All are alike
As they stand with the girl who is singing her song
The people join, too, in her song
"Bring us peace" they all sing to the heavens
To the black sky
Then, the people go
Leaving the little girl and her candle
"Bring us peace" she sings and God hears.