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A Lesson From Mama Robin

Staff Member
A Lesson From Mama Robin

- July 29, 2005

This spring, a robin built her nest on our windowsill. We enjoyed watching the small blue eggs in the perfectly formed nest. Mama robin sat on the eggs with a worried look in her eyes, guarding and keeping them safe and warm. When the shells came off, we saw only pitiful, alien-looking creatures emerge. Bald and feeble, they didn't show much promise.

Mama robin began the never-ending cycle of warming and feeding them. Feather by feather, they grew into what we finally recognized as baby birds. Then, one day, the mama endeavored to teach her babes how to fly. She perched on the rim of the nest and flapped her wings as hard as she could. The little ones stared at her with blank expressions. None of them seemed to get it. She kept up the demonstrations and by late afternoon, the nest stood empty.

This morning I heard a singing bird outside my bedroom window and was pleased to see mama robin with one of her young ones. She hopped around the grass, pulled up a worm, and gave it to her almost-grown baby. She hopped and the young robin hopped after her. He made no effort to find a worm for himself. Instead, he was content to let his mom do all the work and just swallow it down. I watched for several minutes, thinking how very much we are like baby robins.

It is good to learn spiritual truths that nourish our inner selves. Maybe we read a devotional, listen to a sermon our pastor has prepared, or read a religious book. While this is all good, there comes a time when, like the baby robin, we need to find our own food at the very source. The scripture verse below tells us to grow up in our faith once we have tasted and been convinced that God is good. Why not try reading directly from the Bible? I would suggest starting with the Book of John in the New Testament. You'll be surprised at all God has to teach you.

"Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good." I Peter 2:2-3 (NIV)

Contributed by Candace Simar. Candace is a free lance writer from Pequot Lakes, MN. Her work has appeared in Dust & Fire, Lake Country Journal, Talking Stick, Talking 7th Street Blues, Country Echo, and Home Health Care Nurse Journal.