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A Huge Thanks To Chad!

I'm only new here - from what I have figured Chad is the administrator here. Never once, have I been on an internet forum (like this one) that recognised that Australia is two countries in its own; Australia as part of the Commonwealth and Indigenous Australia. Thanks Chad for giving me the opportunity to use my country flag!:star:
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Hello snuffy God bless you :)

Glad you enjoy the country flags. Its nice to represent our countries, home town.

Enjoy the forums.
yes huge thanks to Chad he has given us a safe place to not only be closer to God but to make wonderfull christian friends.
It is because of this site i am saved
Thanks chad
Staff Member
Thank you sister for your kind words. Thank you Jesus ultimately for your free gift of Salvation, wisdom and faithful love in us!

I'm always encouraged to see members enjoy Talk Jesus not as just another 'forum' but a special place they call their online home.
this site has truly helped me and the members who are in Gods Holy Spirit have helped me also. Im sure as us that are new christians read the Word of God come upon questions that we cannot answer, we all need help and thats what this site is for

I also know that the Bible says if we ask for an understanding as we read Gods word we will receive it, but some things even after praying dont come that easy

so thanks too for this site and all you all have done
This is an amazing site to be a part of, a deep sense of community, a deep sense of being part of the Body of Christ!!

Thank you Chad for this place, and thank the Lord for the opportunity!!
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Thanks for my separate flag too. Strange as it sounds it is hard even in England sometimes to be recognised as a seperate country. It is wonderful to have this option rather than just the United Kingdom or Great Britain options!

If it wasn't for this site I would be sat in church each Sunday still on the periphery of things, keeping myself to myself (and being asked each week "are you new" and me replying "no I've been coming each week for the past 4 years!". I love my church but here there is a real lovely sense of fellowship and equality. :boy_hug: :girl_hug:

Thank you Chad

God Bless from your little (but still growing) sister :love: :love: :love:

Staff Member
Your words are all very kind and encouraging. Thank you and especially thanks to my moderators who are very helpful, devoted and rich in wisdom!

Please continue your fellowship and don't forget to share this blessing from GOD to everyone you know!

God bless you in Christ!
hi love hey guess what we are both from australia..I live in Narrogin and yes you are more than welcome to put your flag up and alot of my friends are from the same flag as you and Im very proud of it too...welcome to TJ this is your home too