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A Holy Spirit whipping...

Dear family,
Well I just got a whipping from the Holy Spirit. Didn't feel good at the time but I sure do have wonderful peace now. :love: You see I had a big spiritual temper tantrum because God does not seem to be giving what this spoiled little boy wants.:embarasse I can laugh at my childishness now, because I have gotten in agreement with the Spirit on the subject. Oh yea my first impression was to run away and charge our Loving Heavenly Father with neglect. Can you believe that? After all He has done for me, you would think I would have learned to trust Him by now. Oh, no not this hard headed big baby. You see I thought I heard God on a certain subject, and because of sowing to my flesh for so many years my hearing has become somewhat corrupted. Of course when I was confronted with the truth humiliation pops up and I have a choice to humble myself or get proud. What does this man do? Oh boo hoo me. Thats how I felt, poor Sean, God is mad at him. So I throw myself a big pity party, and figure out a really "Spiritual" way to make myself not look so childish in mans eyes. Well I am a child, and I have to run to my Abba's arms sometimes because I make messes. Thats what children do. I mess up and have to look up into His loving arms and trust Him to clean it. I guess I may be growing up a little, because I didn't try to hide my mess as long as I usually do. Oh how I long for the day I don't have to keep doing it over and over to get it right. Until then though I am purposed to continue to sow to the Spirit so I may reap life. Well if any of you more mature children have some good advice on hearing God's voice I am open to be taught.
brokenman, I loved that! This reminds me of the story of Jonah, I think we`ve all sat under that booth with him, more times than most of us might care to admit (Jon 4:5) Maybe that story is my favorite because I relate to it so well. Jonah 'knew' he heard God, and when God did the opposite of what he 'heard', he was so angry and humiliated he wanted to die. There is some great lessonsto be learned in those four short chapters. God used his stubborness to teach him some real life lessons. Thank God His wisdom is greater all our foolishness!
When you really need to know if it is God telling you there is something He wants you to do or say, wait for the 'witness', meaning you will receive the same message a second time. If we continue to sow to the Spirit, God wont let us go to far astray (well hopefully not into a whales belly anyways :)
God bless you, you are a blessing!
Praise the Lord! Brokenman it blesses me to see that you are honest and keep it vertical, thanks.
Wow, I couldnt have said that better myself.
I cant tell you how many times that I get angry, and mostly at myself because I have felt like I didnt get an answer from God as quickly as I would have liked. And dido on the pity party. My biggest, is because I am a born again christian and there are so many things in my life that I needed to change. I knew that I wouldnt wake up the next day and be a perfect christian. I also know that I have to trust in God and believe with all of my heart that Jesus is working on me. At times I just feel so weak to the sins of this world. I have smoked ciggarets for a few years now, and more than anything I want to completely throw them away. And I pray for strength and courage and wisdom to be able to do just that.

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