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As the bible states, God has warned us about the many ways the devil will corrupt the mind. Porn can diminish the view of women, it also counts as a sin; adultery. Even thinking about another woman than your own wife is adultery.

Satan's main goal is corrupt while young. Channels like Disney, Nick, and Cartoon Network have included gay characters in their shows to normalize homosexuality in your kid's minds.

Look at today's popular media; TV shows, video games, movies, music, & literature. Head down to your local school library during a PTC and examine how many books feature violence, witchcraft, sex/nudity, and lgbt characters. Flip on the TV and go through the many "kids" shows that they will broadcast into your home. Look at the top charts and see how many explicit rap songs have gained the top spot. Go to Gamestop and look at the massive pile of violent games they will sell to your kid in secret. MSM is curated by satan, he will attack those who haven't developed into Christians by showing them that sin is cool. And this isn't new, satan has been controlling media since the dawn of time. He wants you to deny that it has an effect on you.

Let's go to the 50's, The world's most controversial book had just been released, Elvis was viewed as a pervert, for what seems innocent now. Satan has degraded our values slowly. Catcher in The Rye has caused many deaths, including the equally evil John Lennon, and yet it is a "classic" today. And then we go to the 60's & 70's, a new storm of hippie bands have formed, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, The Doors. The common theme amongst them is pot and atheism (as God is "wrong"). John Lennon has stated his communist and atheistic views which shocked the world. Today, those views are regarded as "normal".

Then Knights In satan's Service appeared, don't recognize them? Look at every first letter, KISS. The band that was the start of satanism working into music, despite never singing about him directly. Black Sabbath also made an appearance, mocking the holy day that all Christians worship with the black symbolism of evil. We were only getting started.

Move to the 80's, Heavy metals satanic undertones from black sabbath finally formed with bands like iron maiden and slayer, video games were upgrading to 2d fighters, games where the goal is to fight an enemy. Arcades became a place to sell drugs to kids and teach them to fight and kill. Satan is behind all of this, he is smart, but Christian knowledge is stronger and one can defeat his smartness if they remain a true Christian. Dungeons & Dragons would be made and become popular, this was the start of magic showing up in media, what was once a nerdy thing with lord of the rings had become popular. Many would get obsessed and kill or become a witch. D&D was all a setup for kids to become magicians. Magic is not holy in the eyes of God, and was a no-no in the old testament, yet satan has made it into something cool to do at parties, something that is a wonderful idea in cartoons and comics, something that princesses and superheroes use to fight. And the image of a witch has changed from a threat to society to a halloween decoration.

And then we reach the 90's where things fall down. Metal gained its highest peak in popularity, and in blasphemy, bands like NIN and Manson would receive top spots on MTV, games that would be outright banned years prior like Doom were acceptable, then an eye opener happened that would shocked the world.

The Columbine massacre.

In the videos recovered before the event, Doom, KMFDM, Duke Nukem, Quake, and Marilyn Manson.
Why does this matter? All these have violent content, which the kids mention "inspired" them. Go ahead and pull out your "studies", they are false. Media can inspire kids at a young age. Take your kid to church, he'll become a Christian, let your kid play violent video games, he'll become a angry soul. Many kids have lashed out at their parents for taking video games away, some have even killed them.

By the 2000's, satan had won, people truly had become desensitized to what would be deemed controversial decades ago. Magic was rampant in childrens literature, harry potter had become a well known franchise. Homosexuality had made itself into spongebob, a series featuring 2 gay characters. Many parents were unaware of the many websites online with games. Newgrounds opened up a world of violence, sexual content, and even school shootings on the site. The site featured flash animation and games. The music of this era unleashed a storm of songs about anger, suicide, death. And then finally it stopped... or did it? A new era of rap has been created. Songs about satanism, suicide, school shootings. Satan has tricked us by thinking it had gone away, when it was always here.

Christian parents, i'd keep a strict eye on your children, satan wants to invade their life, he also wants you to think it's not a big deal or be unaware of his presence. Have a talk with your kids if you think they are playing with satan's media, take them to a Christian therapist who will help them out. They will change and you can convert them before it's to late.
Staff Member
Well said, Brother. Thank-you for sharing your insight here.
Also, be welcome to Talk Jesus.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.

Galatians 5:16-21
Welcome to the forum Spreader. I hope to see you share more. The media has been a spiritual battleground for quite some time, and the more powerful the media, the more satan tries to influence it for the ill of the human race, but the forces of God have not been completely silent on teaching goodness as a good thing in the media, its just that people tend to focus on seeing the bad, but it was fortold that the wheat would grow with the tares, there will be a time of separation of the two, but for now it sometimes seems if there are a lot more tare than wheat. Remember though the lesson Elijah learned in the cave he was hiding in after his great victory over the forces of Baal.... that its easy to seem overwhelmed by the evil of this world, but that God has reserved those who are His, and that they wont kneel to the Baals of this world.