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A glitch in the matrix, premonition

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you may have seen the film the matrix, where neo see,s the same cat twice, a glich in the matrix,
this was a warning, they then found themseves betrayed, and the agents, authoritys, the matrix, was coming for them.
recently i for some reason, keep seeing things in pairs, in twos, leads on a bit from the discussion in the dreams and vision forum, not seeing double, have not been drinking.
Prophecy Talk - Bible Prophecy, 2012, the Rapture and the Mark of the Beast end time premonition.
i wonder if it means that those in control, illuminati, and their new world order. the ruling elite, in the power pyramid, serving satan, will soon be coming, for those who they see, will appose their agenda.

the U.S are building and have holding centres, train carrages have been discovered, with seats and chains, marshal law?
trapped at the train station

to my oringinal post, saturday i was walking down the prominard at Maldon, in Essex
through the crowd came a young girl on her bike, i carried on walking, then another young girl came biking through the crowd, identical to the first , her identical twin, wearing the same clothes, riding the same bike, i smiled to my self, the other uncanny thing was, the little indain girl in the matrix, neo meets when he is trapped in the train station these two girls looked very simular to her.
moments later two swans flew along the river, God bless johnny
things happening twice.

could this be an example of seeing things twice?

two stories, both exactly the same, happening in the same city.



intresting to both these events happened at a train station, neo in the matrix, trapped at a train station, with no way out.

Jesus said you will be hated by all men for my name sake.

i wonder how long before, a real perscecution
begins, as it did for the jews.

and christains may find themselves trapped unprepared with no way out. illuminati.? anti christ.?

Jesus often said when you see when you hear, we often come across some thing, that may jog a memory,or start aline of thought.

that thing may be some thing known to us, or some thing we can relate to.

i had a friend she could not decide weather to pursue a career in teaching or nurseing, she prayed about it, left it with the Lord, asking for wisdom, as to which path she should take.

A few days later, she was walking along, she felt to turn around, as she did, a lorry past at the junction, on the trailier was a picture of a nurse, she felt a wittness in her spirit, and all the doors opened for her to go into nursing.
some would say coincedence, advertising, nothing more.?
My mother phoned from Kenya, five youths had threatened to burn her alive in her car, the next time they saw her, she then phoned saying, they had headless bodies coming down the river, into lake victoria, at Racci, then i read about 17 nunns who stood between the children in their care and 50 youths with machettes, who hacked them to death, in a childrens home, not that far from my mothers childrens home.

i prayed Lord do i need to go to kenya, five minuets later i was stuck behind a Ford tractor, with a spreader on the back, followed by a butchers van, so im thinking ok, F.O.R.D kenya the oppostion party, in Kisumu. the trouble is spreading, people are being butchered.
as i waited to pull out on to the a140, main road between norwich and ipswich, a van past, it was an employment agency van, on the side of the van, was written in large letters, the word URGENT.

I was on the next plane. johnny
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same event happening twice.

both links did not open, go to David Icke Website

the nature of the matrix forum,

post, a glitch in the matrix, both short vidoes can been seen there.

the odds of such an event , happening twice in the same city, strange, intresting. johnny
the glitch in the matrix?

i wonder if the glitch in the matrix, something is about to change, has some thing to do with islam? war?
The Lord works in mysterious ways

I had a thought recently , came abut from the symbolism forum about a man, who noticed recently birds strangly flying into his car.
symbolism forum, David Icke Website
matrix forum

will use birds for the illustration but can be events of any kind. spiritual to.
say you had four birds you let them go one went north, another south another west the other east four directions .
people mention a grid they have seen apart of this reality,
these birds fly at the same speed , same line, at a certain time they will meet
again, that meeting bringing about cause and effect.
i wonder if we wittness such occurances, such meetings in time and space.
and these meetings for a brief moment manifest a different reality, then pass on until they meet again.
if we are looking for them and understanding what is happening, we will see them more.
we call them coincedence, synchronicity?
world events, in our daily lives, things we see or hear. or experence.
sequences of events that come together, when joined create a clearer picture or understanding.
sparking, infusing a revelation within us. johnny
I think the problem is that you are assuming everything is circular. Although there is the phrase 'history repeats itself' time as we know it travels in a straight line and doesn't make a circle. Although there are theories on the shape of the universe we don't know for certain what it is. Anyway my point is that time and space aren't necessarily circular and it could be like saying that two parallel lines will meet. Sorry to be a downer.
the ripples in the pond.

not a downer, good input. as i stated its just a thought, who knows where one thought can lead.

another way of looking at it, is ripples in a pond.

what is causing ripples in your own life, vacinity.

also on the global stage.

as the events increase, grow larger, so do the ripples.

i live near the coast, which is quite tidle, its clear to sea, when the tide has turned, and is coming in.

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