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A funny thing happened to an Atheist.

When i was working upon my Security job,a man who was hired was by his own words an Atheist,he would boast, saying things like" no matter what anyone says I believe in nothing! Nothing at all!" I of course had every intention on speaking to him about the Lord,but Holy Spirit said no!( rom 8:14-15) I will tell you the time to speak unto this man about me.( rom 8:14-15) Ok Lord.

So for about 4 months he watched me,and would once is a while ask how I got this way.No worry, no fear,words of comfort etc..I told him upon the right day I will tell you. We went to a mall, and he got thirsty,so he placed his $1.25 into the pop machine,pushed the button,and got himself a drink,I was sitting with my own at the time,and Holy Spirit said now tell him!! I will give you the right words to say to him! Here is what I said.

" I perceive Bob( that was his name) that you indeed do have faith!! He looked at me like I was lying!! LOL You see bob there is no such person who does not place there faith is something or someone other then themselves. You took a dollar and a quarter,because you believed that after you placed it into the pop machine and pushed a button,your hand went right out there to receive what you believed would be your soda,and you did!

But you believed in that pop machine did you not?? LOL I think it is so funny people have more faith in a Pepsi machine then they do who created them! So now I am led to tell you how I am the way I am.Do you wish to hear? Yes please do tell me he said ,and so a long story short,the Lord touched the man that day,and within 2 weeks, he found a church,and believed!

Upon his salvation,the man asked me what I should say to others about my new found faith,he of course was very excited as all of us are. I said good brother,it is not about your words at first,but rather the light which comes forth from you,( Matt 5:13-16) to revel words given by the Lord to speak,for I have learned to be a doer,then a speaker.( James 1:22) For did you come to know the Lord through my words first, or by the action which was reveled unto you? I wondered he said after you life? Indeed brother, indeed!

For Jesus,our example, led by example first,so that when he spoke his words would have great power over any doubt! And they did! So also are the children to follow in brother Bob.Today brother Bob looks to live his life as we do,to stay established, and to speak in the Wisdom given to us by the Lord himself!!( 1 Cor 1:30-31)Hope this has blessed you all amen! For indeed brother Bob this has been handled by Spirit!! Holy Spirit!!( Zech 4:6)

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