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A funny story -but true

This is not really a joke - it truly happened but it is funny

A woman went to the ocean at a place where there was so much seaweed they had to wear their shoes until they got right to the water. She went closer but took off her sandals well away from the water and walked into the ocean. A huge wave came and splashed ashore washing one of the sandals away. They looked for an hour but needed to leave. It was no where around - it was lost in the vast ocean. In desperation she looked up to heaven and said "Lord that was my favorite sandals I want it back."
Just as they were leaving she looked out at the ocean and there was her sandal on a huge piece of seaweed floating to shore!!!

She said " You know the Father loves you when he sends your favorite sandal back to you!"

That was funny,but really cool something like that happened to my friend Imani. She lost something in a lake I prayed and when she got home it was on her moms dresser.
I really like when things like that happen. I love Jesus. Something similar happened to me when I was looking for something and said Lord please help me find it, it is very important. And then the holy spirit was saying just go look over there and of course I was saying it can't be there. Then i finally listen went and there it was. Thank you Lord. I love you Lord........!!!!!!!!!
I lost a small $80 sony micro memory stick... prayed about it, 2-3 days later, I was about to go to bed then a bunch of thoughts rushed to my head and something was telling me to check under the carpet in the dinner room, I moved the chairs and lifted the carpet right up and found my $80 memory stick flat on the floor still in good condition! It was amazing I wrote it down in a journal type book and put it in my room :) (I blamed our 3 cats for probably playing with it and hitting it under their)