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a friend in egypt who desperatly needs prayer

Please pray for me and my fathers friend in egypt. His name used to be muhamed.... but recently he accepted Jesus Christ and he changed his name to David. He was muslim but he found Jesus and he is so exited. He recently told his family that he is a born again christian now and they have been threating to kill him. they are giving him a month to reconsider. Please pray that he may find strength through Jesus Christ. Enclosed is an email from him last night. Please continue to pray for him. hes a young man the age of 21 years old.

Here is the email:

>hello don ,,
>my mother brought to me her sister's husband ,, which he is famous in the family that he read quran in some mosque , he came to me at home & he wasnt sure that what i told to mom could be real ,, so he first wanted to make sure of me ,, if i am as she said about me ,, honestly don , i hesitated , if i said the truth , he well just tell the sheikhs (Muslim leaders) about me ,, & if these people knew about me , i wont be able even to escape to another city , they well arrest me & try to bring me back to islam in 3 days & if i kept my faith ,, they well deliver me to one of my family (may be him) & allow them to kill me without punishment & they well say that i committed suicide & killed my self ,, thats what happened here in cases like mine ,, so all of that came in my mind when he was asking me ,, & to be honest don i felt afraid for the first time ,, i didnt answer him & i told him that mom is making a big deals out of nothing ,, i think i seemed laing , because he asked me again
> with some loader voice ,, so i didnt miss this chance & i screamed at his face that he got nothing to do with me & he is not my father & that he spent years without knowing anything about me & now he want to play daddy with me , & i left him & went to my room & shut its door ,, after that i knew from my sister that he well come again next week ,, i think i ll have to leave before he came ,, i mean i want them to look for me like a bad boy , not like some one left islam because in the that case every one in this country well look for me ,,, my mom made one of my class mate from college call me yesterday & she didnt tell him what about me but she told him that i made so mistakes these days & he may give me some good advice ,, i talked to him & he started talking about what is right or wrong ,, i felt that mom told him & i was afraid that she might tell him the whole story but thank Jesus he was just thinking that i become so bad these days ..
>don , after this man i told you about him left the house i felt so shamed of my self , way have i lied to him , why i become afraid of them , to be honest don i didnt expect mom to tell the whole people about me in this way , i thought she is gona wait at least for that month she told me about , but i realized that this month i ll spend it within trays from all people around me ,,
>i think i ll go to Alexandria in about a week maximum ,,
>please don pray for me ,, & if something happened to me , think good of me don , i dont think i well be able to deny jesus any more ,, & if this man ask me again , i ll tell him the truth , i hope i wont meet him again , but if i met him i well tell him & tell everyone here the truth ,,
>i ll told him that jesus love me & i cant let go of his love ,, i ll tell them that i wont be a follower for muhammad any more ,, i found the truth about god & i felt it ,, i cant just let all of this ,, even if i well lose my life , only what jesus want is what is gona happened , & he wont leave me weather i am alive or dead ,,,
>i wont be afraid of them , not for one more second ..
>don if i moved to alex i may wont be able to sent u e.mails as i am doing now but please don keep asking about me because every one here has allready hate me ,, so please just keep sending me mails ..
>thanks don ,, i dont know how would it be without you & jessica ,,
>with love .. david
What a disciple

We really have it easy ... that's what I thought when I read this ...

How frightening this must be... I'll pray Jessid for strength, protection and courage.
Wow I will keep him in my prayers. The e-mail also makes me so thankful that I live in a place where I don't have to worry about being killed for my faith. Oh how we take it for granted, it is my prayer that I stop doing that. God Bless You . Please keep me up to date with this situation with our Brother in Christ David. :love:
On my gosh. That is so sad. The one good thing about living in those kinds of countries is that if they kill you, you go to your wonderful home in Heaven. But if you stay here on earth, you will see many miracles happen. Sometimes I wonder about how life would have been if we wouldn’t have moved here in the United States. It’s so easy, it makes me wonder if I would be a lot more devoted in Russia. But I’m grateful for what I have here. I will keep David in my prayers. God bless you.
Your sis, Tanya
Thank you so much for yoru prayers... David is so happy that he has people praying for him. He said that he feels the prayers and he feels that each and every minute God gives Him more strength. We havnt heard from him today so he might have escaped to another city. But he has found the truth. and praise God for that... because many people refuse to see the truth. PLease keep praying for him and thank you ... God Bless you guys.
My dad called him today and it sounds like hes getting ready to go to the other city that he was talking about. He said it is too dangerous too stay any longer here. And he said he will try and keep us updated. Thanks again for yoru prayers. Its very important that we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ. God Bless u
Well alot has happened since Ive posted this thread. David is still in egypt. He didnt have anywhere to go because people were watching him from what I understand. His friend who is also a christian got arrested today and questioned. So please pray for him. I dont know his name however.
My dad has been talking with David on the internet aswell as on the phone.
My dad contacted the embassy and hes now trying to get him down because david is fearing for his life. So please pray that that all goes well and in the meantime that God will protect david from the troubles that he is faced with right now. that he will give him courage and strength. Were praying that this will all happen quick and taht he could be down here next week. Thank you for your prayers.