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A Firm Foundation

Staff Member
A Firm Foundation - September 05, 2005

Jesus told us to build our spiritual house on a firm foundation. That parable can to my mind this week as I saw the importance of doing this from a worldly viewpoint.

We built our home quite a few years ago and all construction seemed to be in good order. The concrete foundation wall was poured in a straight line to support the front of the house. There was a four-foot projection beyond this wall, laid for the entry. As the years passed, we noticed some settlement cracks in the mortar between the bricks. Recently we decided to have that corrected. We hired a brick mason to dig under the house and assess the situation. He discovered that the four foot projection had not been laid on the foundation wall- but only on sand and some other debris that the original workers had left behind. As rain eventually seeped into that area, the sand eroded away, moving and shifting the other debris. This had caused the large settlement cracks in the mortar. The brick mason had to dig deep, remove the old debris and pour cement in this area to support this section of our home. Now we must wait until this dries well and settles. Then we can do additional corrective work.

Just as this happened in the physical, the same can transpire in the spiritual realm. We will experience trials and tribulations in this life; of that we can be sure. It is imperative that our spiritual lives are built on a firm foundation. This includes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, reading and believing God's Word, living in a community of believers, and praying unceasingly. Then we will have excellent support when difficult times invade our lives.

It is our Christian responsibility to help those around us, especially our children, to build the firm foundation Jesus speaks of in this parable. May we hearken to His Word this day.

Contributed by Marion Smith