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A few prayer requests

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I actually have quite a few prayer requests.
1. I just mailed off my student loan application, to start school in September, so just that it gets accepted and I can return to school
2. My friend Darcy is having some serious marriage issues, and he knows there isn't anything wrong, but he can't seem to tell his wife this same thing.
3. My friend Shanna just got her MRI results for a lump they found on her kidney, and this is what she told me last night: "I'm a special and unique case. The mass is unstable, its not benign but they can't call it cancerous either. Though they did use the term malignant since its still growing. They won't call it cancerous because its right in the middle of their scale. So she has to do another MRI in a few months and see if the results are the same or if things have changed either for the better or for worse. If this is still unstable they will start heading towards the surgery route." Last MRI she had she was super nervous and she was allergic to the chemical which helped them see exactly what was wrong.

Thank you my family :)


Praying for you and your friends and knowing God is in full control.

God bless you

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