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A fellow new member

Hi there.

I am a new member. I'm Jemdue and I was introduced to this website by a fellow called III3.

I am a member of the Adventist Men's Ministry program and a member of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

I'm in my mid 30's and still youth oriented. I love 2D video games, 80's era fan, and believe that Christians should engage in politics to promote traditional family values and to defend freedom of religion rights.

ok yeah hey jemdude!

Why the gurlie avtar? haha i thought u were a gurl.

it is nice to meet ya

see ya in and out the posts yeah?


Welcome to TJ,

I'm 30 and still very young at heart (I hope). I'm not very computer orientated that's the domain of my programming husband (who despairs at my lack of IT skills), so if I make any mistakes please forgive! I talk too much, what I want to say is I have gained a lot from this site, fellowship, guidance, spiritual connection, intellectual discussions to name but a few (if I can gain with my lack of IT skills then anyone can) open your heart and you will gain too.

Look forward to speaking with you, God and peace be with you on your journey.