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A Fathers Love

:love: A Fathers Love

Shadows danced on the walls as little Steve and Alex held a flash light and making animals in the light.

Steve and Alex were the best of friends. All the had was each other there wasn’t other children around their age.

Staves parents always welcomed Alex as if he was a son. Alex had no father or mother he was raised by his grandparents. Both his parents were killed in an accident. Alex was just a baby when it happened. Steve didn’t have any brothers and sisters so to him Alex was the brother he never had. Alex even called Steve’s parents mom and dad .

Steve’s parents had wanted to adopt him though but never asked the grandmother for they knew she would not agree to it. But they always were a part in Alex’s life from holidays and weekends. As time passed by the two little boys grew from the to little shadow playing boys into happy high school teenagers. The year of peer pressure and the time of popularity. Steve’s parents bought Steve and Alex their first cars. Under the condition they stay in school and no parties . They also had to stay involved in the church and attend every Sunday . Alex was hurting on the inside though. He longed for his mother and father. Although Steve’s parents were the figures in his life but yet he wondered what it would have been like with his natural parents. The last nine weeks of school left Alex and Steve decided they would drive down to the lake and hang out with some of their friends. They got to the Lake and everyone was there drinking and smoking pot. Steve and Alex both felt so uncomfortable. The guys there passed the joint around and handed Alex and Steve a beer. Alex looked at Steve and through the beer in the cooler no thanks Guys I don’t drink. Steve opened the beer up oh one beer wont hurt. Alex shook his head Steve one leads into another. Steve said to him “Oh come on Alex its just one beer Drink one it wont hurt.” Alex Picked one up and opened it. Hours passed by and one beer led into more. Alex and Steve decided it was time to go home. Alex was so drunk he couldn’t even walk straight. He climbed in his car. Steve pulled out his cell phone to call his dad because he knew he didn’t need to drive. Before Steve could make it to Alex and tell him that dad was coming Alex pulled off down the road. Steve watched him drive away. Steve’s dad on the way to the lake felt in his spirit to pull over and pray. The Lord spoke to him, Your son needs you to pray! He pulled off the side of the road and began to pray! Proclaiming the blood over his sons! He began to drive off as he drove towards the lake He seen a car over turned in the ditch. He began to pray for the person in the vehicle not realizing it was Alex he continued on. The highway patrol were on the seen. They Didn’t think there was a survivor all the car was filled with water. And moccasins Were swimming around . The officer turned to the Sheriff, “Shoot the first thing that moves near me.” Inside the car was Alex. He looked so lifeless. Steve’s dad pulled down to the lake. Steve opened the car door. “Son what were you thinking. “Steve didn’t answer him. “Where is Alex, Steve?” “Dad, he left all ready I couldn’t stop him in time” All the sudden this sick feeling hit Steve’s dads stomach tears fell from his eyes he cried out, “Lord ! No! please No!” Steve looked at his dad , “Dad? What is it?.” he asked. Steve’s dad flew out as fast as he could driving to where that car was. Not saying a word. They had finally gotten Alex out and had him on a stretcher. He had no marks on him not even a scratch! The Sheriff walked over to Steve and his dad. “Can I help you?” he answered saying, “That is my son.” The Sheriff held out his hand and said well your son has not even a scratch but he is unconscious so we need to take him in for observation. Steve walked over to Alex laying on that stretcher. He placed his hand on his chest. “Son , I am here with you .” Just then Alex opened his eyes. Dad, I’m sorry I let you down. “Son, Don’t you know how much you do make me proud of you. That will never change we all make mistakes its then when a fathers love Shines the most. For there is a Father in Heaven who forgives our imperfections Regardless of what we do he knows the real inside of you. He sees Our heart and knows us by that there he judges not by our flesh. For we are of spirit and flesh. I praise God that he loves us so. You hang in there Alex I know you did not mean to do this to your self that is what a father knows the heart that beats in us always really shows.”

The End

Take time to know your children and love them the way God loves them and you. Not one of us is perfect but the Father loves us enough to forgive our wrong doings. The bound that Alex shared with Steve and his natural family is the spiritual adoption that God has given each one of us. We are his children . Teach your children what the real love is For it is Christ Jesus! With a never ending Amen!

"Teach your children what the real love is For it is Christ Jesus! With a never ending Amen!"