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A Father’s Promise

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A Father’s Promise

It was December of 1959. I was about four and 4 ½ years old the youngest Kelly in our family. Even though I was a little girl my favorite color was blue. My room was blue along with my matching bathroom. My favorite dress was blue along with my matching blue paten leather shoes. I even had a blue toothbrush, and yes my mother manages to find blue tooth paste.

Christmas time was in the air and everyone on our street was putting up lights and decorating their front yards. We lived in a gray house with lots of windows. The yard was large and perfectly manicured enclosed by a white picket fence that matched the white trim around the house and around all the windows. At night I would sit in front of our large picture window and look out at all the houses with colored lights and reindeer on theirs lawns looking up at a sky filled with stars.

I asked my father while he was having his morning milkshake that his father used to drink, “When are you going to put up our lights, Daddy?” He assured me, “You’ll have your lights sugar lumps, I promise.” I smile and he gave me a big hug and a kiss as always.

Time was passing and Christmas was coming soon. Yet no lights. I was getting worried. My Father never lied to me about anything and when he made a promise he always kept it.

My mother took me down to their office to play. My parents were in the Real Estate business, so I was able to sit in my Daddy’s big office and watch my favorite cartoon Felix’s the Cat on his big television. The day seemed rather long and just as I was nodding off to sleep my Daddy walks in saying, “wake up sleepy head it’s time to go home.” I perked up and jumped into his arms. He sat me on top of his shoulders and we all went to the car together. Where’s mommy’s car I asked. “It’s already at home,” my daddy said.

It had become dark outside and people were already turning on their lights. Everything looked so beautiful. I always sat in the front seat on an arm rest that pulled down in the middle between my daddy and mommy.

As we turned the corner to go home the traffic was backed up on our street. It was strange to see so many cars driving down our street. It seemed to take forever to get to our house because traffic was moving so slow. Then I realized they were all stopping to look at the most beautiful house on the block!

As we pull up to our house my eyes filled with joy and I gave a loud shout, “Blue Lights!” The entire house was covered with all blue lights. They were around all the windows, and around the front door. They went up the banisters that led up to the front door. There were blue lights in all the trees and the brushes too. My Daddy smiled and said, “Merry Christmas Sugar lumps, from me to you!”

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