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A dream...

a Dream

i running in a dream,
i'm scared, alone, and frightened in the night
you take in you arms,
it's comforting, and you tell me it's all right
i feel alittle better,
but then i'm falling into the darkness, away from you
i'm falling, falling,
then a hand reaches in and pulls me through
confused, but somewhat calm
i look around a see a face
smiling, and happy,
he moves toward me with grace
i reachout and try,
but his hand i cannot grasp
he slips away, fading
realizing that i'm all lone, i gasp
"why, dear God?
what did i do?
Have you left me?
will you pull me through?"
then a blinding light
pericing and bold, flashes all around
i shudder with fear
and fall to the ground
My life flashes before my eyes
sometimes i smiled othertimes i cried
then, at the every end,
i realized that i had dies
"what!? my life is over?
How could this be?
i'm too young
with so much to do
and so much to see!!"
And at that momment,
once again, everything fades
dispare clings to me
and no one can come to aid
then, with a start,
i sit up in my bed
but wide awake,
i put a hand to my head
"was this a warning,
or just a bad dream...
But it had to have had a meaning
but what could be the theme?"
yet, everything under heaven
has a purpose and a reason...
but they are to be explained,
at their due season.

wow.....thats a very good poem..
enjoyed reading it....
it was sooooooooo nice....
god bless
i'm glad that you guys liked it....
i was just sitting at the computer one day and it just kinda poured out...

thanks for the comments...