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A desire to witness out in your community

Hi everyone! How many of us experience worship so awesome within the church? How exciting it is to greet new visitors who are led to Christ, and then get involved in ministries like ushers/greeters, children's church, Sunday school, the music praise team, choir, and much more? In Jesus' great commission, one of my favorite scriptures in Matt 28:18-20 "Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" At the church we worship we are experiencing getting "out" there during the past year to witness more to persons, introduce them to Jesus Christ. Do you have outreach in your church to the community today that you can share with me? What challenges do you remember most while God was building you or your church up to get you where you are today? I am very much involved in this new direction at church and feel your testimony and advise will be a blessing!
Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ!
Hey Strypes! God's work is alive at Metro Heights Church's information website, which is one way to witness..Strypes, we will continue to pray for your friend who declined Tribulation Trail..Worship Music concerts is a great way to invite new believers..Anybody else like to share how God built up your church to reach out to the community?
Yeah, I know I should witness but it's really hard, pray that God will help me be a better witness for Him.