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'A cry in the wilderness' a song by trevor.

A cry in the wilderness.

Oh Lord please help me to understand,
This world where sight's just a word in my ear,
Where my senses have to tell me that something's at hand'
I think I could handle it if I didn't hear
Of this sighted land.

Oh child you can see far more than you know,
You can see the truth that's unseen to the eye,
This truth the whole world is wanting to know,
But often their eyes are the door to a lie,
So let the eyes of your spirit grow

Look to your heart and see wonders undreamed of,
You may even see heaven unfold,
For your heart is the temple I built to reside in,
That only the eyes of the spirit behold.
But what about me in my prison of silence,
Unable to communicate with my fellow man,
If I speak with my hands, to most people it's nonsense,
My heart aches with loneliness in this land,
Where you're judged by your eloquence.

If you could hear the anguish that floats up to me,
As I sit here in heaven with tears in my eyes,
Watching my creation that once was so free,
Become chained and imprisoned by so many lies,
Confused and unable to trust, you'd see.

But you can hear you know, no, don't be surprised,
To the ears of your spirit, your conscience conveys
The voice of my Spirit that then shines through your eyes,
As a light to the world in these dark, dark days,
And on my voice through the eyes of your brother rely.

So give thanks for the blessings that you have,
And know that everyone has a cross to bear,
There's not one soul in the universe,
That has not been given a share.

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