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A Cry For Help

I am writing this because I am deeply disturbed. As you may have known in
1994 over a million people were massacred in Rwanda. There isn't anything
that can change that now. Did you know that another genocide is happening
RIGHT NOW in Darfur. So far over 400,000 have been killed. more then 2
million people have been displaced. Every month another 15,000 die. This is a
genocide. Did you know that most of them are Christian southren Sundanese
people? As in the genocide in Rwanda the UN is denying them and standing
back letting them die. They are quoted as saying that there is no evidence of
genocide. The Genocide Treaty of 1948 defines "genocide" as the "intent to
destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religous group."
Sudan is essentially divided along religous lines, and is ruled from the Islamic
north. The south is almost entirely Christian with a few animists or other non
muslims. The Islamic north is slaughtering them and offering them the following
choice- to renounce Jesus as Lord and convert to Islam, or be put to death.
Women are being raped and children are being killed every day. There is
something we can do to help. I am not allowed to list a web site here so I will
tell you please go to the Darfur genocide site. It has links to petitions you can
sign or send a email to George Bush, there are fundraising ideas... Personally I
am going to spread the news of this to every Christian forum and raise money
in my community. We can't stand by and watch this happen again. Please do what you can.

Thank you so much, from Julie... God bless you
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Wittywriter...I think that, as Christians, we are really unaware of just how many of our brothers and sisters in Christ are losing their lives for the cause of Christ in so many different counties, yet they remain strong in the faith. Martyrdom is still active and not a figment of our imagination. May GOD bless any/all who will commit to helping to prevent this from happening...GOD bless you...