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A Covenant of Peace

Staff Member
Now tell him that I am making my special covenant of peace with him. In this covenant, I give him and his descendants a permanent right to the priesthood, for in his zeal for me, his God, he purified the people of Israel, making them right with me." Numbers 25:13 NLT

Numbers 25 chronicles a dark period in Israel’s history. Men of Israel engaged in an orgy with Moabite women. To make matters worse, the ritual was mixed with the worship of false gods. God was furious and commanded Moses to kill the guilty men. Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, finally put a stop to the plague, prompting God to form a covenant of peace with him and his descendants—one that would cover some 950 years, according to Bible commentator Adam Clarke.

Your past may include sinful actions that would make you blush if they were ever brought to light. Sin demands justice. You came to that understanding and clung to Christ who offered you a covenant of peace with God. You were joined to an eternal priesthood at that moment because you were zealous for the righteousness of Christ. Now continue to walk in a manner that is worthy of your Redeemer.

Prayer: Lord, I’m in no position to judge the men of Israel I read about in today’s passage. I deserve Your wrath. Thank You for sending Jesus to take my punishment as the ultimate covenant of peace.

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