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A christians pain

A Christians pain to the world is viewed as a waste, they continually scream in the streets why do you care about my soul, why do you care who I sleep with, what does my words have to do with you. The separation of the worldly from the godly should not be separate but we should be the symbiotic light infiltrating the camp of the enemy. Who else but a christian can feel the pain of millions of souls that has yet to know christ, who else will feel the pain of christ name not reaching the streets of jailed inmates being numbed to the pain of sexual perversion or the girl who feels like she has no way out of her present condition, who else will take the freedom of christ to the world. The only true cure. Christians bear this responsibility. We go into the streets because the streets need healing, we go into the homes of the rich and famous because they need healing, we interrupt the fraternal love of our parents and ask them do they know christ because we love christ. Martyr means in the greek to witness. What is the use of being called christian if we cant die for what we believe. Maybe some christians called themselves christians to hide their insecurities or to just be good and have a form of godliness. This isn't christianity who hides the light so that they may be secure. The only creatures that resemble distinctions are the devil and false christians. We feel the pain of saying I know christ for the first time in a room of atheist or giving up our dignity to show that christ is love . I asked a series of questions in the beginning of this thread and the answer is to give them the change that christ has given me. If I don't i have their blood on my hands Ezekiel3:20. I live to suffer the name, I live to show the world something they have never seen and thats the true christ throgh the word, faith, love and power. GB your brotha in christ :love:
Thank you, for a well said reminder(we all need these from time to time). Thank you also for sharing what God has put on your heart.

Peace be with you,