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A Chinese Pastor’s Declaration of Faithful Disobedience

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Dear Brother @Dave M

Thanks for sharing brother!
Two paragraphs that really touched me.

"If God decides to use the persecution of this Communist regime against the church to help more Chinese people to despair of their futures, to lead them through a wilderness of spiritual disillusionment and through this to make them know Jesus, if through this he continues disciplining and building up his church, then I am joyfully willing to submit to God’s plans, for his plans are always benevolent and good."

"Separate me from my wife and children, ruin my reputation, destroy my life and my family – the authorities are capable of doing all of these things. However, no one in this world can force me to renounce my faith; no one can make me change my life; and no one can raise me from the dead. "

Praying for Wang Yi our Brother in Christ Jesus.
With the Love of Christ Jesus.
Also joining in prayer for our brother in Christ, Wang Yi, and all of those in China and elsewhere persecuted for their faith in God. May God give them strength to endure to the end with Him no matter how rough the road!