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A Change of Direction

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For I could wish that I myself were accursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh. Romans 9:3 ESV

In today’s verse, Paul expresses his heart’s desire for his countrymen, the Jewish people. His willingness to sacrifice his own salvation is the ultimate indicator of his transformation. He was transformed from a man who violently persecuted Christians to a man who would give up eternity if others were saved. Bible commentator Matthew Henry noted this about Paul’s desire: “Love is apt to be thus bold, and venturous, and self-denying.”

As passionate as Paul was for his people, ultimately he became an apostle to the Gentile world, again showing evidence of the transformed life. He was more concerned about God’s will than his own.

How about you? Do you share Paul’s passion for a certain people group? Have you shared that with God? Would you give up that desire if He placed you in different circumstances among a different people group?

Do you want what God wants? If your honest answer is “not yet,” offer up your desires to Him, knowing His ways and plans are perfect.

Prayer: Lord, I earnestly desire to see people who share my background converted to Jesus Christ. Give me opportunities to share the Gospel with them. If Your will is different, I will receive it, knowing Your ways are much higher than mine ever could be.

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