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A.C.S.I surprise!

Just yesterday I went to the A.C.S.I Science Fair in Maryland. On my way nervous as can be and praying to at least get a good ribbon. Well when I got there we set up our experiments. After that they told us to wait in the schools library. I thought wow!!! they have allot of books. They had shelves covering the whole wall filled with books from like 1945. It was cool, but I was in no mood to read. After awhile the guy running came in and told us they were ready to start. We all prayed,then he told us we would be called by number to come down and do our presentation. Our school (ACA) was the last school to present our projects so we were in the library for about 3-4 hours. Slowly they came in, then they called number 12 which was really Tiffany from our school. When she came back then it was number 10 that was Danny. Then they called number 11 eleven was Renata. When Renata came back they called 14 that was Ben. After Ben came back they called 13 ( I think we all know who that was.) So I went down all nervous, presented my project to some really nice judges, they asked some questions, then I went back to the library. Yayy we all said, Now we can go to lunch. We went to lunch then went back to their school for the award ceremony. They started it with 6th grade judging by categories when it came unexpectedly. " Christine Sawyer a Superior ribbon." I went up got the ribbon and stood up there. Then they gave out the medals. Bronze to one girl,silver to another, and then they said " receiving the first place medal is Christine Sawyer." I was sooooo happy! Especially because we all went home with something like,Renata and Tiffany got exellent ribbons, Danny got a superior ribbon and the bronze medal, and Ben got a superior ribbon and a gold medal, each in their own categories. God blessed me soooo much yesterday.
I thank God that He blessed you in the way He did...I rejoice with you...How exciting that must have been for you.... and moreover I rejoice in seeing you so dependant on our faithful Lord....you sought Him prayerfully before and during the science fair and I am sure in by doing so you blessed His heart!!
Continue to seek Him and acknowledge Him in all your ways and He will bless your socks off....again, congratulations!!
I am soooo proud of you !!!! You prayed and God answered . You are my sunshine , and I want the whole world to know it !!! Love Daddy :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :boy_hug: