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A bit of a shock

Well last week I suffered a stroke. I'm in my 30's so this is rare I'm told. I need prayer for my brain to heal and for my husband who has to do all the work around here now. My writing is off with this stroke, it effected my left side of my brain.
My Church has all stepped up to the plate to help. God has been gracious.
sorry to hear about your problem. i shall always keep yah in prayer and only God can not any human make you whole again trust in him never dispear and u shall be the victor in the end like job did. bless you.
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. God's family has been my strength as it the prayers of His people He has heard. No Dr. can heal me it is only through Him I receive grace. Thank you for your prayers.
Michele I will pray for your healing in the name of Jesus. The cause of your stroke to be touched by GODS healing power to be made whole. In JESUS name.Amen. Thank you Lord.
Dear mymakersdaughter: We are in South San Francisco and our church is in prayer chain for you at this writing, sister, for God's healing for you in His time..We also include your husband in prayer who already is receiving God's strength! Isaiah (53) We have family who just immigrated to Toronto and my niece 15 and nephew 11 is looking for a church and get involved with a good youth program..
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God bless you in Jesus' name mymakersdaughter, you will be healed for sure by GOD's grace and love for you in Jesus' name. You are in my prayers
Lord i pray in the name of jesus for totoal recovery for this young lady, in the name of jesus, give her strenght and healing.......help her husband willingly and joyfull help her out, hang in there,,,,,,this too shall pass, amen