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a birthday poem for a special Christian friend

Under God’s wings—what a glorious haven
And from His view you have never been hid
Upon the palms of His hands you are graven
And His angels to your service He doth bid

Though in affliction’s furnace you’re chosen,
Tis there, the Son of God makes Himself known
As He did with the three bound in hosen
For the perfect in heart, He shows Himself strong

Very pleasant to me indeed you are
And truly my Father’s sweet answer
To this prayer often made on bended knee
That those who fear God would turn unto me

In you may our Lord take great pleasure
As in His love and in His fear you keep yourself.
For you are His peculiar treasure
Specially chosen and set apart unto Himself.

A poem that my Father inspired me to write for a special sister in Christ on her birthday...feel free to share/modify.

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