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A Bible Study (Much Needed) A Video From Bob The Builder Speakers Corner!!


This forum has turned into the forum of opinions and also a battlefield of the (PROUD) which isn’t the way it should be.

This place should be a discussion about scripture since the bible is our authority that’s if you’re a real Christian that is, and also about historical context and facts. Now if u wanna add ur own opinion fine!! But lets face it opinions are like armpits we all have them and they don’t smell 2 great.

Now if u wanna add ur own opinion how bout adding a small note or sub heading with ur posts saying (MY OPINION) that would be reasonable stead of just asserting ur opinion as if its absolute truth!! U don’t hav 2 but its just a suggestion. Use analogies which is wat I do, comparisons, quotations or even parables and hyperboles if u like, but again with a side note.

Now as 2 to do with bible studies and scripture as ive mentioned in other threads there are people just firing blanks on here, just spouting out text with no real format, just nit picking verses here and their as they please with no real demonstration of the scriptures or use of precept.

Theres no harmonisation in their quoting, just variety and no uniformity and quoting out of context as usual, tricks getting boring now!! And (quoting out of context) is not a (cleshay) it means “without the surrounding words or circumstances and so not fully understandable”.

Anyway at least theirs some noble heads on here that have been refuting many of the eisegesing of scripture on here!! In that sense I’m pleased!! To those Bereans on here good job and keep up the good work!! 2 Corinthians 10:4 the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.

I have given u a wisdom that ur adversaries can not resist luke 21:15, avoid vain and profane babbling 1 tim 6:20, watch men try and spoil u with false philosophies and deceit col 2:8.

So I fort I’d start this thread for those dat are genuine and wanna learn how 2 read scripture properly but maybe have veered off 2 the left abit in their understanding of scripture and also those who are well developed in scripture.

I’ve put this video up of a well known speaker at speakers corner, hyde park, London, one of the more accomplished and well versed in scripture debaters. He goes through methods on how 2 intemperate scripture correctly. Also I fort maybe we could have a fruitful discussion about verses in the bible u don’t understand, parts of the bible ur not sure about, maybe a Q&A that sort of thing!!

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I don’t mean no harm ok, but you got laughing, my brother or sister in Christ, you in for a ride. In Christ Jesus, you got all kinds of fish in this net. Some can read some can’t, some can run, some can’t, some can walk, and some have to crawl, some have 20/20 vision and some don’t, and do not forget, you have tares among the wheat. And most likely , everyone think they are. “biblical scholars”! The tares and the wheat! Before it is all over you are going praying night and day, “ JESUS PLEASE, LORD hurry up, and get back here. We need you. Come get us, please , come quickly. You in for ride, Jesus even said: How long will I be with this faithless generation. So welcome to the club. ❤

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