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I added 99 new animated high quality smilies (also known as 'emoticons'). When you make a post, you usually see the 3 columns of smilies on the right side of the text editor. click the [more] link at the bottom of the smilies and you'll get a big pop-up window full of new animated ones, and categorized nicely.

See, these simple funny and cute little animated smilies can easily help conversations in text (that is, online) become more personal, more understanding by expression emotions through these images. They spice things up after all.

Enjoy :smile:

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keep missing these

Most times I go to quick reply and do not see the list of smilies. I need to use new reply more to get them to show.

Thank you brother Chad for adding more fun here.

God bless

LLJ :kitten::heart-animated::b-ball::happy:ray: how cute they are too.
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Three long years I prayed for it to rain smilies in TJ...:sweating:

Now I know Chad loves me :happy:
Coconut, that is EXACTLY what I thought you would say last night when I was working on these!! LOL. And yes, GOD is my witness you were the first person I thought of when I found these wonderful smiley creatures :smile:

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new emoticons

Hello Chad,:smiling-animated:

I appreciate this new kind of emoticons.This is all I want to show our expressions in posting this threads:happy::happy: Good idea:sure:
Thanks a lot..:handshake:

God Bless you :angel-animated:
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LOL ...when did I become so predictable Chad?

I`ll have to do something about that...:shock-animated:

The real truth is I wearied you with my nagging eh? Uh huh :quiet:

Its even truer that I`ve been waiting three years to make this face at you...

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If ya`ll can`t find Chadi....he`s prolly on the roof...he spends a LOT of time up there... :dizzy:

Pro 25:24 It's better to stay outside on the roof of your house than to live inside with a nagging woman. :confused2: