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video 7 Signs Someone Will Hurt You in the Future if You Date Them

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How can you avoid getting into a bad relationship if you are a Christian? How can you know if someone will hurt you in the future if you date them? What does the Bible say? Here are 7 signs to look for if you want to avoid getting into a bad relationship as a Christian.
Sign 1 that someone's gonna hurt you in the future: it's a person and not Jesus and not my mom lol.
If someone wants to have sex with you when you would rather not, and they try to manipulate you into it (fear of leaving, bad urge needing vented, all are just excuses) then they dont love you, they just lust after your body and will hurt you when their lust is abated. We all have desires, but we need to remember we are not animals, we dont have to give in to bad choices.