6 yummies in oven at same time

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i am scared to try the yogurt pie, isn't yogurt mean to be kept cool. if you liked it i think you know whether one can cook yogurt...is it ok?

pie and kids are synonymous :smile:
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Hi @robaston

I have made a number of cake recipes where yogurt is beaten into the mixture and cooked. They were very tasty.

Also Banana bread made with greek yogurt was delicious

So dont be scared give it a go
Or alternatively I will give you my childrens ratings once Ive made it...they are very blunt and to the point.....:smile:
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you must be quite good, at least your kids eat it.

I really us christians are normal people with joys and rewards...I must tell you about the meat pie i did on weekend, i was shocked at the sugar i was asked to add but i did.

Now the 6 yummies were a month in planning cause i had to buy the right things, and think about the level in oven they should go, so everything would be cooked in 1 hr. And I planned to wait till my home nurse came back from leave for oven work is risky for me.

As it happened I was so eager I couldn't wait for her but prayed "Lord, help me" and all 6 were superb

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