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4 Pillars and 7 Concepts upon which the world was created


If we were to go and build a house, even before the “beginning” of the house, there are some concepts that we need to have in mind. The plans, the materials, the money to buy the materials, and who will live in said house. If we are to make an apple pie, even before the “beginning” of the pie, we need to have in mind the ingredients, the money to buy them, and how big a pie we want to bake to feed “x” amount of people.

The great sages and rabbis from the past once thought about 4 pillars and 7 concepts that the world might be founded upon. Even before the “beginning” (Gen 1:1) Our Creator might have had in mind these pillars and concepts upon which this world was made.

Pillar 1. “The Torah” (The Bible) “instruction”. Even before man was created, Adonai had in mind the instruction that He would give him in order to live on this earth. He gave him the instructions in “Gan Eden” (The Garden of Eden). Yet he disobeyed certain instructions and therefore, brought chaos upon the earth, yet God was not finished with his beloved creation, He gave more instructions to be learned and carried out so that mankind might survive living in a now fallen state.

Pillar 2. “Avodah HaShem” (The Acts of God) Even before the creation of all things, Our creator had in mind all that He might do, the creation of all things, coming to earth as a human being to pay the price of sin, down to the tiniest details. Just like we do. We plan, then carry out the plan.

Pillar 3. “Avodah Adam” (The acts of man). Our creator had in mind and knew, ahead of time, what man would do in this world, both good deeds and evil deeds. The righteous would do righteous works, the unrighteous would do evil. Would the creator just stand back and fold His arms and say “Oi Vey, what have I done?” Not so, since man has a choice to obey and disobey, and thus reap the consequences or rewards. Let man not say “The devil made me do it.” Because he didn’t.

Pillar 4. “Chesed” acts of love, mercy, kindness, etc. (pronounced “hesed”) Adonai knew ahead of time what righteous men and women would do. They would follow His Torah (we go back to Pillar 1 again, instruction) and live out His commandments, performing; “righteous works” because of “a righteous salvation experience.” (we go back to Pillar 2).


The TORAH was made available to all who might receive it. His INSTRUCTION would be by choice only and not by force. Are we humans with a right to choose, or robots?

TESHUVAH (repentance) (return to..) This is for all who wish to get “back to God” and “turn from their sin and evil ways” to have a “right standing” (which is what righteousness is) before our Creator; Adonai-Elohim-Yeshuah (same person).

GAN EDEN (The Garden of Eden) One of the “Acts of God” where man was placed in that “perfect environment” until the day of disobedience. (now don’t blame it on the woman, BOTH were at fault). One day, the earth will be renewed and be a perfect “Gan Eden” again.

GEHINAN (Gehenna, hell, hades, the pit, the abode of the lost). This goes with “Avodah HaShem” a sad act of God, who made this place for Satan and his followers, the fallen angels, and it was never intended for mankind, yet when man sinned, he had a choice to choose repentance and salvation, and be with his creator, forever…OR… be separated from God for all eternity. As Adonai is a Holy and sinless God, He can not allow sin in his presence, so, unrepentant mankind will have to suffer the fate of Satan and his angels. Yet not God’s fault. God has never SENT a person to hell, a person is SENT by his or her own choice. Reject the free gift of salvation (YESHUAH) and expect a hot eternity. That’s the fact, Jack!

MALCHUT ELOHIM (The Kingdom of God) Another Act of God. He built His kingdom for all of redeemed mankind to live with Him forever, together with His holy angels. His kingdom will come to earth someday soon and will rest upon a redeemed earth. His kingdom is also His activities on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven is coming, yet it is here already, and it came in the form of “HaOR OLAM” (The Light of the World) “Light” is mentioned in the “Beginning” it is not only a substance it is also a person. “Yeshua/Jesus, who is the “light of the World.

HaSHEM MASHIACH (The name of Messiah) “Yeshua” our Messiah was with Elohim since eternity past, and is with Elohim now, and will be in the future. His name means “Salvation” so, if you want to find “Jesus” in the Old Testament, just look for the word “Salvation” and there He is.

All these concepts and pillars were set in place to be acted upon “in the beginning”