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31 days of praise (by ruth warren)

I give you any rebellion in me, which resists your will.I give you my pride and self-dependence. I give you my fears. I give you my body and my entire inner being. I give you my mind. I give you my will. I give you my loved ones. I give you my marriage or my hopes for marriage. I give you my abilities and gifts. I give you my strengths and weaknesses. I give you my health.I give you my status (high or low). I give you my possessions. I give you my past, present, and my future, and when and how Ill go home. im here to love you ,obey you , to glorify you..


I am glad to hear that

I am glad to hear that cause if you give to the God everything, if you give Him every worry that you have, he will take care of you more than everyone als. God loves us as more than a father do for his childs.
I am praying for you my sister
in Gods name