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3 good things about a TRUMP Presidency

In the spirit of full disclosure I am not a registered Republican or Democrat, I am independent. Not independent as in a member of the Independent party, but independent as in independent from any party. And yes, I did vote.

Well, it goes without saying that there are a lot of things that some Democrats and Republicans are concerned about when it comes to a president Trump. Many Democrats are worried that he will undo a lot of President Obama’s policies (Health Care, Trade Agreements, Financial Banking Regulations, etc). The Republicans who publicly spoke out against him are worried that they will be on his bad list, and those that did support him are concerned that he may not listen to their council. With that said, I do want to focus on something positive. Here are three potential nonpartisan positives for a Trump administration.

Scandal Proof
A Trump administration should be scandal proof. Well, almost scandal proof, and I’m speaking of personal scandals not political scandals. Political scandals such as bad diplomatic deals, or a crashing economy are possible, but Trump may be bullet proof when it comes to personal scandal. I say this because we have all heard the things that were said during the campaign and with that he was still elected. Now, imagine the media trying to air a story during his presidency to cause a personal scandal because Trump cursed out a reporter or was very rude. Well, that really isn’t news because he did much worst on the campaign trial. If President Obama was rude to a reporter, telling them, “<insert curse word> you,” that would be news, but with Trump that is what you would expect. With hopefully less energy from the media being spent on following his every inappropriate word, more effort hopefully can be spent on the issues.

More Freedom
A Trump administration would have more freedom than any other in the modern era of campaign finance to do the right thing. Every modern presidential candidate has accepted millions of dollars from big corporations. Though Trump changed his tune on fully self funding his campaign, he certainly is not in the pockets of big businesses like others were when they ran. Being a billionaire, Trump doesn’t need to take backroom deals to chase money, Trump already has money. Trump’s challenge will be handling the new power that he didn’t have before. Having the freedom to do what you think is right because you don’t feel you have to pay someone back is a great thing. Our only prayer is will he know what the right thing to do will be? I’m prayerful that God will surround him with great people and to God’s glory he can be used by God.

More to Christ
A Trump administration has the potential to draw many people to our Lord Jesus Christ. Many people are saying that this shows them that World War III is coming. Others are saying that this signals that Jesus is coming back soon. Still some a worried because you have a have a person that was endorsed by the KKK to become President of the USA immediately after the first Black President. With all that said, the point is that for many different reasons, because of a Trump presidency, many people are praying and seeking God through Jesus as never before. People who never prayed before will be praying, people who never read the Bible before will be reading the Book of Revelation to see how the Bible actually describes the end times. Whether the point is legitimate or not, the fear that many have of a Trump presidency will lead many into the loving hands of Jesus, and that is a good thing.

Stay Positive
There will always be negative things to focus on, but why should we be like the world and focus always on the negative. There are potential positives from a possible Trump presidency. As the Bible tells us, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” - Philippians 4:8

-Wala-Neh Labala
P.S. This article is NOT to endorse or bash Mr. Donald J.Trump. It is simply to glorify God in all things.