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3 Faith Lessons from Joshua

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I recently wrote an article on the faith Joshua and Israel found in chapter 3 of Joshua as they crossed the Jordan River. This was a very interesting article to research and I learned quite a lot.

The problem in writing for the web though is people don't typically read the web, we scan it, so it was challenging to take a 2,000+ word piece and edit it to a consumable size for the web while maintaining structure and delivering the information.

Here's the final product: Do You Want to Have More Faith? Here's 3 Ways
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I thought you might like to include some of your article here, too.

3 Lessons of Faith From Joshua

1. Follow God Without Hesitation: Joshua 3:3 tells us the first step of faith was that the people were to “go after” or follow the ark of the covenant, which represented God’s presence. We would do well to remember that we also need to determine God’s will and “go after” God without hesitation.

2. Remain Focused on God: Joshua 3:4 states that a distance of 2,000 cubits were to remain between the people and the ark, a distance of about a half of a mile, so that the people of Israel would always be able to see it as it went in front of an entire nation, rising and falling with the terrain.

We must also keep a clear space between us and God. When we fill that space with busyness, entertainment, or other distractions, we have a very hard time seeing where He is leading and there is little room for faith to reside.

3. Be Sanctified: The third instruction given in Joshua 3:5 was that the people would need to sanctify themselves. When you have an important meeting, interview or date you would certainly prepare with clean clothes, fresh breath and I’d of course fuss over my hair until it was perfect.

When we follow God by faith, we have to prepare, but not with fancy clothes and perfect hair, but with a clean heart. We do this by coming before Him and confessing our sins and by faith receiving His mercy and grace, moving forward in that.

Bless you ....><>